Tuesday, July 5, 2011



We have had some beautiful weather here for the last few days and spent Independence Day with family.Relaxing and enjoyable
I have been working outside in the gardens and the veggies are coming in great. Cant wait for that first bite of freshness.
Added some flowers to the beds and also removed some that were taking over.Why did I plant invasive plants in my beds?! Cause their pretty!


Got a chance to take some photos this weekend and the mock orange was covered with butterflies.


Mom is with me for a week and she is such a blessing to me...82 and still young at heart and Beautiful!


Finally got the kitchen wood stove I have been after for years,it is in the kitchen and still needs to be hooked up.I am not wishing summer away but cant wait to use it!
i need to cure the top of it and put some stove black on the rest of it and it is ready to go .


I hope you all enjoyed you 4th of July...Blessing for peace and magic to you all...Dancing


On Fragile Wings said...

Oh my, now that is a beautiful garden. I especially love the picture with the butterfly.

Who is that gorgeous woman in the straw hat ?

Congratulations on getting that beautiful antique

that is sure a beauty.

Happy Holidays to you Dancing Fire

hugs Sharon

AkasaWolfSong said...

Awww...lookin' at Mama's smiling, beautiful face just now is healing balm to my soul, Sister Love!!!

Your garden is always so immaculate and lovely...and the mock orange, is that a poppy of some sort? A breathtaking flower!

I love your wood stove, Dancing and wish I was there with you my Flannel Robe Sister, making toast and sipping coffee, giggling and singing 'Happy Holidays!'

You are so beautiful to me!

DancingFire said...

Thank you Sharon for coming by.That gorgeous one is my Momma...She is a doll! Have a beautiful day and many blessings of love and light to you and yours...Dancing

DancingFire said...

Hi sister love.She is healing balm for me as well...always.She is a shining spirit.
Thank you ,as you know I am in it most of the time and it is coming pretty good.Wish yo were here.
To be sipping coffee with you would be the most wonderful thing I can think of.If I could just get a hold of ya and give you one of my big love hugs!
The mock orange is a bush ,the flowers look and smell just like orange blossoms. It is lovely.
I love you my eternal sister...always.