Saturday, July 31, 2010

When I was very young and I first started to travel,long before Grandmother,Grandfather and the Ancients began to appear to me, in Dream time,I heard
these words spoken,"There are so many treasures."
here are the questions I asked and the answers I got .
Q.What treasures do you mean?
A."Each dimension, or level of consciousness has it's own treasures."

Q.Please give me examples.
A."While we converse,you experience(in many ways,) the treasure of communion,which is not of the earth plane.Your physical body is passive during this communion. A higher level of sense overrides the physical;yet,what you experience is no less valid,no less real,as is your physical body.This is something you already know.'

Q.How,who,initiates this communion?
A."The invitation is given.You choose to accept or not."

Q.Is there any danger(remotely or at hand,)to me should I choose to accept?
A."No! The invitation is offered only to those who are long prepared to accept."

Q.What is the preparation?
A."It is a process that evolves from before the 1st incarnation,up to(and including,) the current one.During each respective incarnation,there are fleeting glimpses of previous incarnation(s) given.
Some will dismiss those glimpses. Some simply cannot make a connection.Some find them amusing, only in passing. The few,(comparably speaking,) claim the images,and ponder their validity...all the while,recognizing(at a higher level of awareness,) that the images are not only valid,but vital to their personal evolution. Thus,the images serve to prepare one for the visitations to increase and intensify."

Q.Is one left to experience such visitations on their own,so to speak?
A."Only at the physical realm does the word "alone" have a place; and, that is only possible,by choice.
In reality,you are an integral part of the whole and complete.Consider ,for a moment;While on the earthly plane you live among countless people,near and far.Some you know,while many,many more you will never meet.You know this in countless ways;yet you also know the latter have ever been with you,from your 1st incarnation unto the present.Thus,"alone" is non-relevant.
When it is time to make the transition from the earthly plane,you are prepared by those who will accompany you home.

Q.When I experience a visitation do I leave my physical body?
A."No!You remain in the physical realm,while the higher consciousness(the REAL you,) steps beyond the earthly plane.It is this very fact that should clarify for you,the false notion of"alone."

Q. How many levels of consciousness are there?
A."There are as many levels as is necessary to bring you to fruition,to that whole and complete state.All of which,depends on how many times you will incarnate,in order to complete your mission."

What other treasures are there?
A."I suggest you study closely the previous dream time travel you have experienced. I will say,however,each level of the conscious,each incarnation,(which is one and the same,)Holds it's own unique"treasure." It is part of your mission to recognize each,and use it for the greater good.

Q.Can one choose not to incarnate again?
A. No! Because you chose to make this journey. You committed yourself to this noble mission involved.You were offered this mission with full knowledge of what would be involved.
With each incarnation,you have left some sign(image) of the previous incarnation,which you would call upon to help you re-focus whenever the clouds of confusion,might overwhelm you.(One of the 'treasures" of your 1st few incarnations.)

Q.Thank you,these insights are deeply appreciated. May we meet again,for further discussion?
A.When you need to do so.

Q.Who are you? Are you a guide,an Angel?
A. I am,who is from before forever. I am you..."you," who are the greater love,the greater good. I am "you,"You,here on the earthly plane,who will continue to expand your true essence,ever deeper and wider...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Those who choose to make the journey will be provided for.

The message is still the same...never changing.
Those who choose to make the journey will be provided for.Grandfather comes to remind me of this in his own way.
Grandfather is looking heavenward,as if listening very intently. He is there...the Ancients are present,and speaking to him.He is invited to sit with them.The Grey Wolf sits at his side. One of the Ancients gestures to Grandfather,and the old one begins to chant.
Medicine blanket
His story unfolds...his words to the Ancients speak of how the camp will be dispersed,how difficult will be the journey to enough food and water for all. His face is etched with pain.His hands tremble as he signs to the Ancients. The Ancients nod in agreement. A single voice speaks to the old one,"Be assured,brother,those who choose to make that journey will be provided for. Those who choose not to remain will be given safe passage home. Your pain and your tears are received humbly. You are an honor to your people. We pray you continue to watch and pray for them. Be for them strength and courage during that difficulty , as you have ever been. Rest easy, old one. All is as it should be.Peace to you, beloved. Sing peace outward,until it flows back to you a thousand times ten-thousand fold."

The drums begin,as the Old One takes leave of the Ancients. Voices chanting accompany him as he returns. High atop the summit he and Grey wolf give thanks to the Ancients while they wait for 1st light. The Old One sleeps and dreams...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Klamath Indian Woman Pictures, Images and Photos
Grandmother seems to convey a determined look on her face. What might be her determination,do you think?
Perhaps,it's focus rather than determination...perhaps both. I suspect you cant have one without the other.
We have soared the heights on eagles wings.We've danced upon the waters.We've traveled so many dimensions,so many levels in a very short time.We have sat in council. We've heard the many voices;Raven,The drums,the ancients. We've beheld the glorious Fire of Infinity. We've walked the woodland path,stood upon the high cliffs,and wandered the valleys below.We've been in the awesome presence of pheasants and kings.
The velvet night sky surrounds me...from afar I see a tiny speck of light.It continues toward me...increasing in size and brilliance.
Lakota Indian Woman Pictures, Images and Photos
I hear the pulsing beat,as it continues to advance. I hear the drums,the chanting,and the velvet night sky is consumed by the massive light. It stops...a hush,a deep all-embracing calm pulsates noiselessly.
oval light Pictures, Images and Photos
From the centre,there appears an oval shaped portal;then,she silent,so vibrant,so alive.She smiles and whispers,"Come to me. Look into these ancient ageless eyes. Tell me little sister,what do you see? I am entering her eyes. I see not her,but I see three pillars of fire. I see beneath each one an inscription,which read(respectively) 1. Soul 2. Heart 3. Mind. From aside she whispers,"Which of these do you claim for your own?I try to speak,but no sound comes forth.The incredibly deep silence wraps me with in itself. I am drifting.There is only the wondrous silence.


poes raven Pictures, Images and Photos
As I slip into Dreamtime,a multitude of faces pass in review.Some were not very pleasing to see.Then Great Grandmother appeared,but only the outline of her face which seemed to emanate a soft white light, I saw her eyes(the dark pupils moving occasionally,)and I saw her lips moving as though speaking. I could not hear her words. Her face faded from view...flashes of reds,blue,green,amber, and a bright cobalt blue would come and go.For awhile I seemed to drift.
Suddenly,a multiple arched corridor appears. The arches seemed to emanate a diffused white light,or could have been the arches themselves. I recall 6 to 8 of them.Between the 5th and 6th arch,I noticed a dark clothed figure,which faded and replaced by many coming and going.
Again,I drifted. Great Grandmother's face reappeared,much the same as before,yet softer,more gentle...hard to define.So,I spoke to her,asking her to be present and work thru my hands.After some time,I woke up to find it was 2:A.M.
There is something rising on yet a new wave.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rest and Healing...Dancingfire

ray of light Pictures, Images and Photos
We approach the sacred Space.
The grove dimly lit by the moon moving above us. The towering trees-sentinels guarding,ever watchful-lend soft voice to the breeze passing thru the branches.
Here, in the utter quiet we rest,and are restored. The incense of earth and pine fills the senses. Soundless is the coming of The Ancient Ones;yet their love and joy is almost palpable. Their great pleasure emanates in the form of a slender flame of light etching into the fabric of our beings a word now hidden for yet a time.
Upon the velvet alter you are received. The slender flame moves slowly above you,, it's myriad of colors cascades with a voice like water in a brook...peaceful, happy and with purpose.
Spiritual Masters around a Pilar of Light Pictures, Images and Photos
Until the dawn comes you rest upon the alter of ever renewing light. Dream in the dream of the Ancient Ones.In the love and joy of the Creator we stay the night of unfathomable"mystery".Secure in the Sacred Space we focus on the slender flame and the one from whom it comes.
the light Pictures, Images and Photos

A Prayer...By Dancingfire

Dancingfire Pictures, Images and Photos
It is always the Creators desire(will) that we walk strong in the strength of the light,for in the light there is an exquisite aura of love and healing...a renewing ever surging pulse-The Heartbeat of God. Align your fragile pulse with that Infinite Heartbeat.
That you are truly beloved;that you bear the signature of the Beloveds within the deepest recesses of your being;that the light is clearly present;that you are a reflection of the light;all is so obvious.
Reach to those deepest places? Bring forth the greatest gift. Turn your gaze heavenward. Lift your arms skyward. Embrace the streaming light of spirit. Inhale it. Claim the Gift of the giver;and,breathe forth the gift back to the Heavens...realizing that as you offer this gift,it moves outward to touch no less wherever the Giver guides it .
Knowing this,feel the inexpressible Life Force spiraling ever-new within,and without; and with me give thanks to him.Aho...Dancingfire

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More of ,"The Multi-Gemmed Ring

reiki crystals Pictures, Images and Photos
Someone is near-by. This person tells me that this is a return visit;and, others await my arrival. Ahead of me waits my guide - GreyWolf, the four legged. He turns and walks ahead of me . We move soundless among the ancient giant trees.
The voice of Owl can be heard in the distance.Occasional streaks of Moonlight pierce the great forest to touch a rock ,or a tree stump along the path . The drums are beating a subdued chant .
Grey Wolf Pictures, Images and Photos

The GreyWolf slows his pace, then stops . He turns his head toward me. His eyes catch a bit of the moon's light . I see the fleeting bits of red sparks in those all-knowing eyes,and, then - he is gone .
The drums increase. The wind pushes thru the great trees. It's voice more clear and emphatic. I'm being shadowed ( sort of ) by a large animal, whose step is soundless. I know it's Panther. She allows me ( now) to see her sleek, graceful form , and hear her low, occasional purr-like voice. She enters the path a short distance ahead of me, and walks on .
ANIMATED BLACK PANTHER Pictures, Images and Photos
We reach a clear,partially open space. Panther turns her head,and as her eyes meet mine, she changes form . A woman, about 5ft ,8 inches tall stands before me . Her hair bound in a single braid rests upon her right side . The aura of this beautiful woman is striking. She wears a dark colored dress that reaches below her knees. She wears nothing on her feet .She holds an object in her palmed hands.
I step closer to her . The object she holds is the multi -gem-ed ring. Amazed, I ask her , " have we not met before ?" She answers, "Yes, DancingFire. At the temple of many lights. I stood in the midst of the pillars of lights, and presented this ring to you via one of my young attendants ."
" You see the newest gem of the cats eye is included . You now begin to develop the cats vision ability. Note the unswerving confidence of the cat's gaze. Note also , the utter stillness of the cat's body when it's gaze is fixes on it's subject . Observe, your newly acquired feline . He is gift. he will teach you much , merely by his own presence, and your close observation. Know, it is not by chance that he has come to share your journey .
Crystals - Pictures, Images and Photos
" Look into my eyes, while I place the cat's eye against your forehead ." I see the depths in her eyes, and feel the gem against my forehead . A sudden brilliant something seems to split my head apart. I feel tremendous heat streaming from the center of my head . It moves like liquid fire, and fragments into countless rays of colored light .
I'm moving upward in a circular fashion. High above the great forest, far beyond the stars. there's awesome , soul-shattering music. It surrounds me. It's alive,and holding me in it's arms .It smiles at me , and whispers, " I am the voice of your ancient soul. Your soul fashioned by Father/Mother God comes forth to speak it's word, to lift your consciousness to higher levels . You will, very soon, realize a heightened awareness, and increase of extraordinary vision that will initially astound you . Be at peace with it . Allow it to come . Move with it . It is you, as you were before the stars were named .

" Listen closely to the music. Allow it to permeate you body, your surroundings. Give thanks to Great Spirit for the gift of ancient , timeless origin, from which great love and wisdom flows. Remember always who you are, and why you are here . The gift is universal, for universal purpose . It is time for you to return . Be assured that we will meet again soon, and , speak further. Go , in love and peace. Wait for the cat's eye to be placed in your hand . It comes to validate , to re-reinforce, to nourish and sustain you in a new phase of your journey.
There is a low hum-like sound surrounding me . It's carrying me away ? Not sure . I'm being led by the GreyWolf to the edge of the great forest. The drums, barely audible, bring me back home . I feel so tired, so drained , so completely silenced .

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Four Shamanic Voices: Maestro Tlakaelel

mother earth Pictures, Images and Photos


''Here in the Americas, more than 2,000 years ago, groups went forth in the four directions with the message that we must return again to raise up this great confederation of nations.''

Q: How can we help the Earth to heal?

Tlakaelel: The need that we have is to truly know the Earth. This is the basis of everything. There are many technological advances, and Mother Earth has suffered many alterations. They have changed, for example, the rivers. They have made great reservoirs all over the world, here in America and in Europe, and in Africa the great mammoth Aswan, the greatest reservoir in the world. This has altered the ecology. In ancient Egypt, the Nile river grew and inundated the riverbanks, leaving fertile earth and humidity and cleansing all of Egypt. Now, they regulate the water, and there are no longer these floods. Instead, they must lift up the water with mechanical pumps. There are shells and conches which developed in the water. Before, when the water went down, it took with it these animals. Now it never goes down so these animals are reproducing in a terrible way. The eggs of the small animals are killing the people. This is dangerous. In all places where they have detoured the waters of the Nile, where they have regulated the currents, this has altered the Earth.

Humans have extracted millions of metric tons of petroleum, leaving enormous empty caverns. Now we have more earthquakes. They are more frequent and stronger, more powerful. The climate of the world has been changed, and many of us are guilty of this. It is incredible that we had not taken this into account, until a man by the name of Thor Heyerdal awakened people's curiosity. He journeyed on the ocean in a raft and saw that there were enormous oceanic deserts where there was no life, where everything was covered with trash -- the trash that was dumped into the ocean by all the cities, plastic cans and bottles, and so on. Heyerdal brought forth the voice of alarm, that we are killing the ocean and soon everything will disappear.

We indigenous people, we saw something. This is the message of the ancestors. We remember the message of Chief Seattle, his poem to natural life that is an inspiration, a hymn, for current ecological groups. Chief Seattle's naturalness, his comprehension of our natural relationship with All That Exists -- this is the thinking of all of the indigenous peoples of the world. When asked to sell his land, Chief Seattle said sincerely, ''But how can one sell his own mother? Who can sell his mother? Who can sell the aroma of the pines? Or the murmur of the insects? Or the sound of the waters and the rivers? Or the air that we breath, which is breathed by the eagles? It was breathed by the buffalo. We all share it. Who can say this?'' In the last part of the message he says, ''If you are all coming together in these places you call cities, you live far away from nature. One day not too far away, you will awaken, drowning in your own excrement.'' And in the end, he said prophetically, ''Now life ends and survival begins.'' He said this 200 years ago, expressing perfectly the thinking of native people today.

How to heal Mother Earth? We must return once again to love Mother Earth, to understand her. The Earth is the ashes of our forefathers. At the beginning, it was a ball of fire. And little by little, it began to cool. Then we entered into a space where there was water. Water began to enter. Little by little it began to cool. In this water from outer space floated spores and seeds, and thus began the first plants, the most primitive plants. They were microscopic -- their roots were microscopic -- and they combined with the water and went into the pores of the rock. In this way, a plant grew and then died. And its ashes were part of the Earth. So more plants were created and then more ashes. Then the big trees came and the animals and we, ourselves. And each one of us will become ashes. So the Earth is the ashes of our forefathers. This is not a metaphorical statement -- it is true. She is our mother and these are our ancestors. They maintain life, and all that exists is sacred because everything is interrelated.
Bald Eagle glacier Pictures, Images and Photos

There were many eagles and there were many animals that the eagles eat. In this way there was always an equilibrium. We all look for balance. The animals teach us how to live. When we put many rabbits in a cage and give them all the food they want, they limit their space. When they see that there are too many, the mothers kill the small ones. So they maintain the number of individuals who can live in the space. This is how the animals teach us. There are many more examples.

How to heal the Earth? Understand her. Love her. Identify ourselves with her. This is all that is necessary.

We have forgotten. Today the people don't think of her as something sacred. They think of her as private property, something we must exploit. And they don't think about regenerating the Earth. A way to heal the Earth is through the rotation of crops, by planting different plants. The trees do this. Over a determined period of time, the pines are born and die and other plants begin to grow, other trees, and then again the pines. There is a natural rotation. Yes, it is possible to do this, if we understand. The important thing is that we have a synthesis.

What is the Earth? We see that it's a planet. We are in a solar system which is moving. Mother Earth is alive. She moves, she breathes, she has her own energy and movements. And the human beings, we are interconnected --our brains, our minds -- with all other human beings. The totality of our mind is the mind of Mother Earth. We are connected with the animals, with the plants and with all the beings that exist. But we have forgotten this. And now the few people who can move these forces because they know them -- because they feel them -- we call these people witches or medicine men or shamans. But anyone can do this. We all have the same capacity for comprehension.
medicine man Pictures, Images and Photos

The people who think a different way are said to be crazy. But we are not crazy. The medicine person lives on another plane, another vibration or wavelength. All that exists in this world is vibrating at a special wavelength and only exists in that wavelength. Shamans are simply receptors who receive this wavelength. But we can have other wavelengths, like Sai Baba. He has different wavelengths, and he materializes things. For this reason some say he's crazy. It's just that he's different because he goes beyond the human condition, beyond the common, beyond that middle point, and he dares to use these forces. He lives in two worlds. His world should be at the reach of all.

We must think of how to heal the people, of how to achieve a complete change in the human mind. We are the problem, and the official education has many lies. We are taught a history that is not the true history of the world. Instead, it is written in the interests of the people who have won the wars. The official history goes back only 8,000 years from the War of Troy, and since then we have just had wars and more wars. We don't remember other things. When someone speaks of Atlantis or Lemuria or other prior civilizations, they say these are just theories. But we know they are true. Science has just not committed itself to investigating this further. They have just uncovered the remains of a man in Africa who is 3.5 million years old. The official histories say man is new, maybe 150,000 years. And the other millions of years? And the people who were there before? There is proof of other technological civilizations that were more advanced than ours. We all think we are the greatest of humanity, but this just isn't true.

I am a Toltec Chichimeka indigenous person. More than 12,000 years ago, my forefathers began to unify humanity again. We knew that, before, there had been communication among all of the peoples of the planet. There was one single culture, one single religion. But a cataclysm came and left us out of touch. The few survivors began again to evolve. They are our forefathers, the survivors of the destruction of Atlantis. With these ideas, with this knowledge, they went to a place called the Mountain of the Serpent in the middle of a valley in what we now call Mexico, and they sent forth four expeditions to the four directions to carry a message. This historic message is that we are all descendants of a great culture, of a paradise. In my language we call this Tamoanchan where everything was in abundance, there was great luxury. And in a moment all was lost. The people who survived, the grandfathers, said this place existed. The children asked where, and were told, ''Maybe on the other side of the mountains.'' So they went forth, farther and farther, looking. In this way great migrations were established, great movements of human beings throughout the world.

Here in the Americas, more than 2,000 years ago, groups went forth in the four directions with the message that we must return again to raise up this great confederation of nations. They tried to invite the people -- those they encountered on their paths -- to organize but also to share their knowledge. These groups were messengers and ambassadors who made alliances with the peoples. They carried seeds and beans and squash and corn, and in this way they traveled and they shared this food. Throughout all the native peoples of America, we still have the same foods. Nine hundred eighty-eight years later, the descendants of those who went forth returned to the valley in Mexico, bringing all the knowledge they had been able to learn. They said, ''We have discovered that there are people of four colors but one single race, the human race. We are all brothers and sisters, and our origin is cosmic. We are all brothers and sisters because we are all sons and daughters of the same father, who we call Teotl or the Great Spirit or Great Grandfather or Great Mystery or the Superior Mind. He is the unique creator of All That Exists. We are all brothers and sisters of All That Exists. We must understand this to mutually respect one another.''

In this way, they decided to found the City of Mexico, Tenochtitlan, as the center of the cosmic race and cultural capital of the human species. They created the concept and the word ''Mexicatl,'' which means ''planetary citizen,'' or citizen of this planet. They said, ''So far, the first Mexican has not been born, but tonight we will plant in the bellies of our women, and from here, two hundred seventy-two days forward, the first Mexicas will be born, the first citizens of the universe.'' This ceremony was done on the equivalent of the 30th of the month of July in 1324. The confederation began to evolve rapidly until almost 200 years later when the Europeans arrived and our evolution was suspended. But before that, an enormous confederation existed. There were two confederations, one from today's Nicaragua to the south -- the Confederation of the Condor -- and one from Nicaragua to the north -- the Confederation of the Red Eagle. The two confederations had made an alliance, called the Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor. This history is not known. Some have tried to destroy it, but we indigenous people preserve it.

Three generations ago, we decided again to rescue our history and tradition. This is what we are doing. When our evolution was suspended, the grandfathers gave us instructions. They told us what it was we would have to do, and what would be our strength. Strength can only be given when the people identify with something, when something brings them together. What has brought our ancestors together is this idea of the cosmic citizen. The Earth is of all of us, and we are of the Earth. The Earth is not ours; we are hers. It was then that we decided to maintain the resistance, and we always preserved, in secret, what is the destiny of man: why we are here, where we come from, where we are going, and what is our mission.

So man comes to the world with the aim of seeking perfection by means of personal self-development. This perfection will arrive when man is capable of creating all that he is capable of conceiving. Here is the superior being of the future -- able to create all that we conceive. Each one of us is a link in the chain of evolution. Each one of us is a treasure, and in our genes we preserve the memory of all the generations before, of their experiences, and after, we leave behind our own experiences. And pass them on to our children. The immediate mission of each generation is the creation of the next one.

This is our mission. Now we have a goal that we must reach. We must come again to a way by which we can identify ourselves. We didn't come to this world just to eat, sleep, reproduce, and die. We have a great destiny. This destiny is possible when we achieve our worth and when we transcend. We live for just a little bit of time. That which continues living after us is the community, the Earth. Our work is to build a pyramid little by little, growing and growing and growing. Soon we will be able to complete the pyramid. For this reason, symbolically we never closed the tops of the pyramids ourselves. They were left apart. And when we complete them, then we will be like gods. We will be capable of doing everything we are capable of thinking.

We will again have a reason to be -- strength for living, to conquer all the problems: the wars that there have been, the differences between Catholics, Protestants, and Moslems. These are easier to put aside when man has the idea, I am cosmos. I am not cosmic, I am cosmos. I am an integral part of the universe, of the creation of all. And I continue being part of a great plan of creation. When we are all able to feel this just a little bit, when we identify with All That Exists, we will be planetary citizens, cosmic citizens. And peace will come. The truth will be known.

Many religions have been bred so that the people will submit. All religions are good, there are none that are negative, but man has interpreted religion in different ways to justify invasions, to justify slavery, the submission, the obedience. When we are capable of knowing the truth and can teach it to our children, then we will be healing Mother Earth, we will be healing humanity. We will be healing the universe. A worldwide reeducation is necessary.
Our turn to care for mother Pictures, Images and Photos

We have committed many errors, and we must write down this history, the history of our errors, and also the good things. We must know that both the positive and negative are necessary, the good and the bad. They are two poles, the same as hot and cold, light and darkness, the positive and negative poles of energy, the man and the woman. Apparently, the two are opposed, but they come together and they create. The positive and negative poles of electricity create light. The energy of motors, the hot and the cold, create the climate in which we are able to live. The man and the woman create as they come together. So the positive and the negative side are both indispensable.

The devil could not exist apart from God. One could not exist without the other. They both are positive, for the two create our concept of good and evil. Which is the negative pole of the Earth? And which is the positive? The north, or the south? Either could be positive or negative, but together they create an energy field that regulates life on the planet. That is our concept of good and evil. Sometimes I am asked, ''Are there good witches and bad witches?'' I say, ''I understand the question, so how would you attack the bad if you don't know what it is? How could you know what's good if you don't know what good is?'' You must know the extremes, and then you can place yourself on whatever side you choose. What is good for one is not necessarily good for the other. We must learn to respect the plurality.

For the future, we must remember the people in a prayer, which goes as follows:
Creator, accept me as I am with my vices, with my passions, my detours, my works, my positive things, because I am this way. You made me this way. And permit me that I may accept those similar to me, that I may accept them as they are. And help me, Creator, so that people accept me, too.

This is good. We must mutually accept one another -- people of all colors, all religions, all languages. We must learn to respect each other because we are sons and daughters of the same Creator. The problems of humanity are coming to a climax. There has been a history of wars, of wars that each time are more bloody, each time producing more bodies, more people dying. The young people are beginning to think, ''This is the world left to us by our elders. Why are there so many wars? Why is there so much division? Why is there a North Korea and South Korea? Why is there a South Vietnam and a North Vietnam? Why are the countries divided?'' They are looking for unity, and now they are finding a motive.

We are a single human species who are now the guardians of the Earth, and that this Earth is our home. Whatever happens on our planet, positive or negative, affects all of us. We need more groups like the ecologists -- small groups, local groups, or bigger groups like Greenpeace, people who have taken a global consciousness. They are going to change the world. There is hope.

Our message would be strength for those who are struggling, strength for the warriors of peace and for the warriors of Mother Earth, strength for the ecologists, for all the people who are working to understand the Earth. Those who are demanding a reeducation on a worldwide level, those who are creating and who are teaching the truth -- they are the future! There is a very good future ahead. After many centuries, the planet begins to vibrate with an idea: We will save the Earth! This planet is our home, and we are now the guardians of the Earth. Our mission is to keep it clean, habitable, and inhabited.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

We Can Make IT

Do not lose heart. We were made for these times.
I have heard from so many recently who are deeply and properly bewildered. They are concerned about the state of affairs in our world right now. It is true; one has to be strong to withstand much of what passes for "good" in our culture today. Abject disregard of what the soul finds most precious and irreplaceable and the corruption of principled ideals have become, in some large societal arenas, "the new normal.” It is hard to say which one of the current matters has rocked people's worlds and beliefs more. Ours is a time of almost daily jaw-dropping astonishment and often righteous rage over the latest degradations of what matters most too civilized, visionary people.
The heinous acts against children, elders, everyday people, the poor, the unguarded, the helpless, is breathtaking. Yet ... I urge you, ask you, gentle you, to please not spend your spirit dry by bewailing these difficult times. Especially do not lose hope. Most particularly because, the fact is — we were made for these times. Yes. For years, we have been learning, practicing, been in training for and just waiting to meet on this exact plain of engagement. I cannot tell you often enough that we are definitely the leaders we have been waiting for, and that we have been raised since childhood for this time precisely.
…I grew up on the the Coast of Maine and recognize a seaworthy vessel when I see one. Regarding awakened souls, there have never been more able crafts in the waters than there are right now across the world. And they are fully provisioned and able to signal one another as never before in the history of humankind. I would like to take your hands for a moment and assure you that you are built well for these times. Despite your stints of doubt, your frustrations in righting all that needs change right now, or even feeling you have lost the map entirely, you are not without resource, you are not alone. Look out over the prow; there are millions of boats of righteous souls on the waters with you. In your deepest bones, you have always known this is so. Even though your veneers may shiver from every wave in this stormy roil, I assure you that the long timbers composing your prow and rudder come from a greater forest. That long-grained lumber is known to withstand storms, to hold together, to hold its own, and to advance, regardless.
…We have been in training for a dark time such as this, since the day we assented to come to Earth. For many decades, worldwide, souls just like us have been felled and left for dead in so many ways over and over – brought down by naiveté, by lack of love, by suddenly realizing one deadly thing or another, by not realizing something else soon enough, by being ambushed and assaulted by various cultural and personal shocks in the extreme. We have a history of being gutted, and yet remember this especially … we have also, of necessity, perfected the knack of resurrection. Over and over again we have been the living proof that that which has been exiled, lost, or foundered – can be restored to life again. This is as true and sturdy a prognosis for the destroyed worlds around us as it was for our own once mortally wounded selves.
…Though we are not invulnerable, our risibility supports us to laugh in the face of cynics who say "fat chance," and "management before mercy," and other evidences of complete absence of soul sense. This, and our having been to Hell and back on at least one momentous occasion, makes us seasoned vessels for certain. Even if you do not feel that you are, you are. Even if your puny little ego wants to contest the enormity of your soul, that smaller self can never for long subordinate the larger Self. In matters of death and rebirth, you have surpassed the benchmarks many times. Believe the evidence of any one of your past testing and trials. Here it is: Are you still standing? The answer is, yes! (And no adverbs like "barely" are allowed here). If you are still standing, ragged flags or no, you are able. Thus, you have passed the bar. And even raised it. You are seaworthy.
…In any dark time, there is a tendency to veer toward fainting over how much is wrong or unmended in the world. Do not focus on that. Do not make yourself ill with overwhelm. There is a tendency too to fall into being weakened by perseverating on what is outside your reach, by what cannot yet be. Do not focus there. That is spending the wind without raising the sails. We are needed, that is all we can know. And though we meet resistance, we more so will meet great souls who will hail us, love us and guide us, and we will know them when they appear. Didn't you say you were a believer? Didn't you say you pledged to listen to a voice greater? Didn't you ask for grace? Don't you remember that to be in grace means to submit to the voice greater? You have all the resource you need to ride any wave, to surface from any trough.
…In the language of aviators and sailors, ours is to sail forward now, all balls out. Understand the paradox: If you study the physics of a waterspout, you will see that the outer vortex whirls far more quickly than the inner one. To calm the storm means to quiet the outer layer, to cause it, by whatever countervailing means, to swirl much less, to more evenly match the velocity of the inner, far less volatile core – till whatever has been lifted into such a vicious funnel falls back to Earth, lays down, is peaceable again. One of the most important steps you can take to help calm the storm is to not allow yourself to be taken in a flurry of overwrought emotion or despair — thereby accidentally contributing to the swale and the swirl. Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely. It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom, will cause the critical mass to tip toward an enduring good. What is needed for dramatic change is an accumulation of acts — adding, adding to, adding more, and continuing. We know that it does not take "everyone on Earth" to bring justice and peace, but only a small, determined group who will not give up during the first, second, or hundredth gale.
…One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. The light of the soul throws sparks can send up flares, builds signal fires ... causes proper matters to catch fire. To display the lantern of soul in shadowy times like these — to be fierce and to show mercy toward others, both – are acts of immense bravery and greatest necessity. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do.
…There will always be times in the midst of "success right around the corner, but as yet still unseen" when you feel discouraged. I too have felt despair many times in my life, but I do not keep a chair for it; I will not entertain it. It is not allowed to eat from my plate. The reason is this: In my uttermost bones I know something, as do you. It is that there can be no despair when you remember why you came to Earth, who you serve, and who sent you here. The good words we say and the good deeds we do are not ours: They are the words and deeds of the One who brought us here. In that spirit, I hope you will write this on your wall: When a great ship is in harbor and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But … that is not what great ships are built for.
…This comes with much love and prayer that you remember who you came from, and why you came to this beautiful, needful Earth.

Though all may not agree with this write.I have to have hope in my heart and believe...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Are The Children Of The Stars

Solar System 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
T i m e T o W a k e U p
© 2001-2010 John J. Falone

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."

"We Are Children Of The Stars;
and by them we shall find our way home" jjf

The answers to the mysteries of life are obscured by the illusion, the deception of the Neptunian influence for the past 2000 years distorting, reinterpreting and misinterpreting, the teachings of light. We have been led into an ocean of deception, a distorted lens through which we see only a vague, watery similitude of our true natures mixed with the reflections of a thousand others, shifting and morphing within an aquarial view. We have been taught not to leave the water, not to surface, not to see with clarity the true reflection of ourselves.

We have lived life on this planet as in a house of mirrors, all distorted in one way or another. Yet the removal of the surfactant barriers is the very energy by which life may be experienced as a flowing without obstacles, a unified field theory of feeling that all life lived is all life shared.

The Age of Aquarius has given us the opportunity to surface and see clearly our true reflections. But the waters must be calm. We must utilize what we have learned from the Piscean wisdom of the deep. We must use our skills and knowledge of balance and calm the waters in order to see a true reflection in the mirror of God's mind. What else will we see in that mirror of calm waters? We will see the stars.

In this age, for the first time in 24,000 years, we have the opportunity to see with clarity, without distortion, our past and our future direction. We now see the night sky in the surface waters of our past deception as well as our unity and the stars of our destiny shimmer their truth, calling to our souls for a deeper understanding of our destinies in the stars, the dimension of our true homes, our true natures in the universe, the pristine, infinite mind of God.
galaxy image Pictures, Images and Photos

As we gaze into the dark waters of our past, we see patterns of light, shapes of energy fields that form the primal alphabet of life, the original 22 Hebrew letters (reflected in the symbology of the Tarot). These shapes are imbued with life, the combinations of which form the DNA codec containing the potential combinations to create life anywhere in the universe! The patterns of light are moving, they are not static, they are dynamic. They have always been shining for us, shaping and marking the signatures of our souls at the moment of conception in a pattern that we can see first with the physical eye, then with the spiritual eye. Star patterns are the exterior reflection of the soul in the space of the universe. The stars are part of us and we them. How could it not be so?

The sky is a giant lens focused upon the face of life. One is a reflection of the other. If we look into the cosmic mirror of existence we will see ourselves, maybe for the first time in many lifetimes. Seeing ourselves as we truly are is the first step to claiming our freedom as sovereign entities with the powers to co-create any life we desire within the laws of creation. We have never stopped creating our lives. Over and over again we have come back only to be lost in the deception of warped mirrors in the hands of our religious and scientific leaders who are loathe to have us find our power and earn our freedom to return to God's vibratory glory and ultimate joy.
Whirlpool Galaxy Background Pictures, Images and Photos

The only impediment to our freedom is the ignorance of who we really are. Think of the first time you looked into a true mirror of your physical body in the remote past of your incarnations. You may have emerged from the mountains or the desert and gazed into still water. What a moment of revelation! What a moment for the consciousness of the soul! What an exquisite meeting of self in nature. And what is behind that image? A sky full of stars speaking a language of light. The stars, as a backdrop of your image, frames, contains and reflects your very nature.

Our ancestors have seen the face of life in the alphabet of the stars and they have taken great pain and utilized hard earned skills to etch and paint the image of our true reflections on the stone walls of caves and tablets of clay and papyrus. They left them for another time and other souls who would follow and would know not their true natures. Perhaps they left these timeless truths for themselves, knowing they would be back and would need to find themselves and save more time to evolve in each succeeding cycle. But who were our ancestors, if not us — then!

The timeless relics of the zodiac are found everywhere upon earth, spanning time from a few thousand to many tens of thousands of years in the history of our round trip journeys. The answers to what is life and what are we to do with it has stared back at us with the eternal gaze of the Sphinx into the horizon where space meets time, the Cosmic Cross.

The teaching of the stars in the form of the Zodiac has been in the lost and found department of the human psyche from time's beginning. But we must reclaim our lost pearl of wisdom. There are a few on earth who have and they are unearthing, dusting off the relics, reviving the teachings buried in temple stone in the bowels of the earth, laying them once again upon the table of the human awareness to be claimed by those who recognize Divine Truth.

First we must wake up to the fact that the truth that would set us free has been carefully guarded by those who would have us as their slaves forever. But the powers have been withdrawn from those who have vowed to manipulate others through withholding the truth of God's message of the stars.

The power of karmic freedom has been returned to the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind so that they may release themselves, lift themselves from the cross of space and time. In this age, we have rediscovered the Cosmic Cross, the key to unlock the mindless pre-destiny of karma as we move into a future of hope through freedom from karmic slavery.
Age of Aquarius Pictures, Images and Photos

Through the clarity of vision gained through the Aquarian lens of knowledge of the stars, we can peer into our new destiny of liberation. On an individual level, cell by cell, soul by soul, we can calm the deceptive waters of our past. Our faces become clear in the waters of the deep and star patterns behind the face reveal the codes of life spiraling into a future of sovereign freedom.

The cosmic DNA traces a spiral, like Jacob's Ladder, into a future of infinite potential. This is not a boring future by any means. It is the endless repetitions that are boring and predictable. For the true art/science of astrology is to transcend the predictability of mindless repetition. There are infinite star combinations waiting for our attention to reveal itself and in doing so, realize infinite possibilities for fulfillment within the grand scheme of Natures law below and God's Law above and beyond.

Through balance, vision and understanding of the periodicity of time, we unwarp and polish the mirror of our souls. The meaning, the encoded knowledge within the stars-fields becomes clear. Just as the warped mirrors of the Hubble telescope yielded interesting, but inaccurate visions of the true nature of the star fields like a reflection seen in rippling waters, the still, balanced, polished mirror of the Aquarian soul will see with accuracy and clarity its reflection and its direction into the pre-existing futures of infinite potential. We have the tools now. They have come back to us. We have the tools to polish the mirrors of our souls. In truth, we have always had them. They were lost in time but not in space.

But the time has come again. The vaults, the time locks have opened and inside we have found a celestial mirror. In the past life residue of 24,000 years of repeated incarnations, we formed many deluded fantasies of what secrets might be locked inside the vaults so closely guarded by the gargoyles of time. What a stupendous surprise to find the image of ourselves staring back through those vaults.
Starrysky Pictures, Images and Photos


After 2,000 years of Neptunian dreaming, it's time to wake up and face the dawn of Uranus' call to arms of knowledge unclouded by the deception imposed by vested interests using the energies of the stars, whether through intent or ignorance, to further their purpose. The cycles are preordained by the power and design of God — Our decisions are not. The universal plan patiently waits for man to wake up to the reality of universal purpose through sovereign liberation. Fortunately, the alarm has been set with this in mind.

There are some who do not need the rude clanging of suffering's alarm to shock them from their slumber. Those who abide with nature's obvious and purposeful cycles awaken naturally with the dawn. No alarms are needed for the self realized to see the beauty of the dawn that so many others miss. For the children of Light are awakened each morn' by the song of birds in God's mind.

In the infinite wisdom of the creator of all that is, the stars became the consciousness songs, the periodicity of Light that bind all life to their rhythmic, cyclical structure. The universal structure of Light requires a language that can embrace and articulate its true values (universal truth) across the chasms of time and space as experienced by beings living in various dimensions of existence. Time, space, gravity and the myriad physical laws that define their function are realities that form an illusion. Life as we know it is only an illusion relative to other realities. Thus within each illusion is reality for the being who exists within its dream. Evil is nothing more than the attempt of one life form to impose its illusion upon the reality of other life forms.
Starry Sky Pictures, Images and Photos

The language of Light, as written in the stars, is designed to unite the many realities within local illusion. By its function as a universal language, Light bears the multidimensional glue that binds all life to a common purpose of experience. Like gravity, the language of Light crosses individual, localized space and time with a universal pull, a common attraction that unifies the chaos of infinite creation into a coherent message, a common goal for all life, in any form, to touch itself.

In the language of mathematics, the concept of infinity poses a threat to all local calculations. Quantum mechanics is the latest attempt to integrate the equations of mathematical abstractions with the fluid dynamics of infinity. The quantum calculations of physics quickly render concrete, local reality as mere probabilities of existence within an infinite flux of possibilities.

But the language of quantum mechanics simply transfers what was once regarded as concrete reality to what has become virtual reality. And so it goes. Language after language upon language has attempted to describe, to articulate reality for the purpose of control over other life forms. Each type of energy wave that washes upon the shore of human consciousness brings with it a peculiar view seized upon by a few who dangle the carrot of its shifting power beyond reach of the masses. And like the endless waves, these languages wash upon the shore to rearrange the sands, claiming its veracity until the next wave crashes upon its seeming reality to erase yet another of man's sandcastles of ignorance.
Fantasy ocean Pictures, Images and Photos

We are in the midst of a grand ending and beginning — Yet another wave crashing upon the shore of our reality game replacing the last with yet another crash and roar of truth to rearrange the sands of time. But this is not just another monotonous repetition of the past. The age of Aquarius marks the ending of dreamy deception previously under Neptune's tutelage.

The so called New Age is much more than a new wave, just another wave of relativism upon the shore of short term, self-centered sophistry. It is a wake up call. It is a wave of consciousness that requires our eyes to look up to the stars and there see the reflection of ourselves where it has been all along.

We have walked the earth, eyes cast down through watery lenses for far too long. Those who control the reality game on earth have seen to it that we remained near sighted. The myopic vision of religion and science has blurred the horizon of space and time so that we remain ignorant of the gifts each of us posses to free ourselves from the endless repetitions of karma, the past life residue. In our sleep we dream of life rather than live it to its fullest awakening.
Stars Pictures, Images and Photos

The stars burn like crystals, punctuating the black velvet night with patterns that mark our soul's journey into this material dimension. Let us open our minds to the brilliance of our true heritage. For we are more than mere interstellar travelers, we are interdimensional beings affecting and being affected by every thought-form in the universe and beyond.

Let us now board our consciousness ship and journey into a universe of self where the universe reveals itself as a counterpart to our very being.

"To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven."
These words are powerful, profound and timeless. How is it that we have forgotten the Truth we once knew?
Fantasy Ctach a star Pictures, Images and Photos

.:.En.:.Light.:.In.:.THE ONE
John J. Falone
author of The Genius FrequencyTM

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pathway to the Dreamer

Grandfather looks heavenward at this hour. There is an Aura of serenity about him . I "see" The Dreamers energy emanating with ever-widening expanse . I feel Grandfathers hand resting upon my shoulder. We're waiting... The silence is a deep, pulse of harmony; and , alive with soft rays of color...Like the prism. Each ray is a pathway , a threshold to other dimensions .
There comes a rush of wind ...The sound is nearly deafening. In it's wake a translucent sphere appears. I see layer after layer lifting free of the sphere, until there remains a gold spinning orb .
Focus your attention upon the gold object. it is means by which you may enter Dream-time. The outer layers represent the many different dimensions of Dream-time, which you have already known .
" With-in the gold object you will see yet another gold object . This inner-sphere moves counter-clockwise . It is a mechanism by which you are transported to the pathway of transparency...A state of invisibility that enables you to move freely in an instant, to where you must be for a given reason .
" Your physical frame remains visible only to those who receive you . To the others around you , you simply are unseen . Those who receive you , unknowingly await your appearance ; there, your appearance is not a shock to them .
" This state of invisibility, ( or elevated level of consciousness,) is very beneficial to your physical body , because it undergoes a process of renewal. Each component is re-energized and aligned to the proper elemental level.
While in this dimension of Dream-time, you may feel completely at rest; yet ; you are actively involved in what you are sent forth to do. It could be intervention of some sort , it could be to guide someone . It could be a mission to console the grieving. it could be to assist in restoring sense of worth / purpose to one who languishes.
Once your work is finished, you return to full physical form and substance. After you are fully rested, then you return to your earthly path ; however ; you return quite different than when you left .To put it simply, you have died to a degree;and have at the same time , entered a new level of maturity . This Maturation process is so necessary , and , intricately part of your transfiguration process.
Never fear any
of the above, for your guides attend your coming and going . Be at peace in this .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Touch The Fire"

My mind is wandering. Words float in and out of mind ..." I need to touch the fire ", Whatever that means.And now , i hear drums...distant, muffled. I wish you could hear the drums. They're a constant, a comforting presence. Does that make any sense to you ?Yes, of course , The womb, the universal pulse, the primal voice of Mother God. Well , she's here. She is present . She presents , ( to me ) an image of a woman dancing. Long dark hair glistens in the muted fire of the torches. Her eyes are closed. She comes from Dream-Time . She moves so gracefully, so reverently, yet , with great passion .Around her gathers veils of many colors- vibrant, alive , electric .Through the veils forms emerge and form a circle around the woman. While she dances clockwise, the forms dance counter clockwise. From elsewhere a voice sings a most haunting song . The vibration of the singing becomes an irresistible cadence flowing thru me . She approaches me ... her eyes open ; flashes of brilliant blue sparks seem to issue forth toward me . Oh my , the woman is you - you hold out your hand to me , and take my hands firmly.You walk backward slowly.
You speak... answer the question in my mind, " No, you're not dreaming...Not how you imagine dreaming to be . You do need to touch the fire , again . Come ! Grandmother waits." We walk side -by-side , thru, the veils of many colors. As we pass thru the veils, the drums begin that familiar beat intense, and with sense of great purpose.
You're speaking in a language unknown to me, as we walk . Suddenly, Raven appears and takes his place on your right shoulder . We approach a small hut. Inside, i see a circle of white stones that holds a fire safely. We sit down near the fire . I notice Raven is no longer on your shoulder, but i cant recall seeing him leave .
There's a noise... a rustling, a faint breeze. You look at me and smile. You rise to your feet. I do the same, and turn around to see Grandmother standing there .She steps close to you , and holds you in her arms briefly, yet emphatically. The two of you come to me , and we sit down around the circle of fire . raven now sits on Grandmothers shoulder .
" You must touch the fire, Dancingfire." Grandmother tells me . She continues , "Look into the circle of fire . let the flame take you within itself . As you enter , you will recall how you became the flame , long , long ago . You will know now , as you knew then , the power , which the flame is for you , in you , and through you to others .It is gift. You know that once such a gift is given, it is in you always. I know how difficult it can be to walk between two worlds, as do you . However, it is time to focus on the flame - the Gift .It is time to enter , to merge , to become one with the flame. Then you will understand why you are Dancingfire .Our names always speak a hidden message . Our names are not chosen randomly; instead, they are chosen, for what they are ... sacred, eternal expression of the Great Spirit who first called you by this name .
It is now very quiet. You, and Grandmother each hold one of my hands. The drums begin anew . Measured, deep , vibrating throughout me . The flame increases higher and wider . I'm moving toward it's center . Voices begin to chant as i enter the flame . Then , there is no sound. I see nothing. I'm caught up into a circling moving wind ? Not sure . It is so rapid. It all ends abruptly. i am alone on the cliffs; yet, I sense a presence. I call out, " Who are you ?Come closer so i may see you ."
" Here i am ", you call .I see you on the beach below. " Come down here . Lets dance in the surf ". You say with a joyous lilt to your voice . I begin to walk the path down to where you are . As I walk toward you , you say to me , " You are truly Fire Dancing ". Again you seem to chuckle, as you lead me into the surf.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Grandma's Teach

Grandma would say, "God, our Creator, has created all of life in a circle. Everything is made in a circle and all that is created is connected. The sun, moon, stars, trees and "you" are made in a circle. The strongest winds come in a circle and the strongest currents in the water come in a circle. Never forget you are one with all of life and all of life is one with you."
Her stories of God's creation were constant lessons on how to live life in the moment, and in the most sacred manner. When I was young, innocent, pure, and loved I had no doubt these words of wisdom were filled with the breath of life. Standing before her, listening in silence, her breath engulfed my soul like a soft warm kiss from the sun. My grandparents knew our ancient creation stories would continue to hold my soul in God our Creator's light, and make our ancestors, who had passed before us, proud.
In my culture, we were taught to listen, be patient, forgive, and trust our inner soul. Grandma would say, "Always remember how powerful you are. Be careful with your thoughts. Your thoughts are your prayers. Reflect on what you are thinking before you let your thoughts come out of your month. Once your words are spoken, you can never take them back. Chose your words very carefully. People will remember you by your words, and they will carry these words as if you had asked them to pray for you. Whatever you send out into the universe, you will be the first to experience it." Her words sang loud and clear. I especially remembered them because she would say, "All that you say and think will come to pass. They will not come in the limited manner you think; they will come in the manner in which all of Creation hears them."
I think of her words today as I reflect on the events that make up the circle of my life.
We Are All One
She was of course also very frugal,they grew all their own food raised their own meat.She bore a family of 12 children and frugal was more than just a word.It carried with her even after her children were grown.I watched her and learned.
I also watched the way she cooked. Her cats seldom had scraps to eat, because she seldom threw anything out. Only a spoonful of jelly left in the jar? Time to bake a cake and stir the jelly into the batter, along with anything else that was sweet and almost gone. Her delicious 'Grannie Cake' has never been duplicated, but somehow always tasted the same. Just a couple slices of cornbread left? Time to make a stove top dressing recipe that was used for years before a commercially boxed version was available. In all the years I knew her, there was not one lunch or supper meal that did not include brown beans--sometimes that and cornbread were the meal. Bread going stale? Time to have cinnamon toast for breakfast, and if there was still stale bread left, she made bread pudding.

In other areas, she was frugal, as well. When someone gave one of her grandchildren an apple, she sliced it to share among all of us and there were many of us,she then planted the seeds. That tree provided fruit for her family until her grandchildren were grown. She saved plastic bread bags, cut them up, then secured the plastic over bowls of leftovers with a rubber band. Old newspapers were used to make sewing patterns. Old jeans were cut into squares of fabric and made into very warm quilts. Old towels were cut into squares for cleaning rags.

Slivers of soap that most people toss were collected, then carefully melted and remolded using a tuna can as the mold--it didn't matter what kind of bar soap it was, it went into the melting pot with the rest. Every month, she had at least one extra bar of soap in this way, sometimes two. Occasionally, she would rinse soap slivers in boiling water to kill germs, then dice the soap slivers, add them to water, and shake or stir the mix until they dissolved to make a liquid soap. This could be used to wash hands or even dishes. It didn't suds much, but hands and dishes were clean.

Grandmother could not afford hair conditioner, so she used vinegar. A couple of tablespoons in a quart of water made hair soft and manageable with an excellent shine. She also used a cup of vinegar in the rinse water of her wringer-style washing machine. Clothes were softer and smelled fresh after being rinsed in vinegar water and hung on a line to dry. Vinegar was the cleaner of choice for her. A cup of vinegar in a gallon of water made a window and surface cleaner that cuts grease and doesn't cause breathing problems.

I look back at the many ways my grandmother made her pennies last just a bit longer, and worry that in the days ahead many people will not be able to make it since many of them do not have her frugal example.I see so much of her in me.

So, what are the main lessons in frugality I learned from my grandmother? Make it yourself, use it up, make it last, stretch it out, find less expensive alternatives, and shop for bargains at community sales and garage sales. This lifestyle provides what you need most of the time at an affordable price. The key word here is need
I remember my grandparents and parents working diligently to be self-sufficient. The plowing and planting each spring is not an easy chore. Nor is the harvesting of crops, which seems endless until, at last, the fruits of the harvest are stored as food in our root cellars. Now we wait for the long cold winter days - story telling time,playing games,making things from whatever scraps we could find. This is the time for Grandpa and Grandma to tell us the stories that give us our self-identity, spiritual-identity and sense of self-worth.
Great Great Grandmother
Great-Great Grandmother

Later, in the spring, when our food supply is no longer plentiful, when only the vegetable seedlings are left in the beds, and the shelves that once held row upon row of canned meats, fruits, and vegetables are empty, we see the worried looks in the eyes of our parents and grandparents.But they always found a way to get by.
Victory Through Domes! Pictures, Images and Photos
My Paternal grandparents taught me gardening,many of the secrets of nature,wild foraging.Both sets of grandparents had huge families and we were taught about what family means,how to work together toward one common goal,sharing so that all family members may benefit and so very much more.
Years have passed since childhood, and all that I have experienced in those incredible years have shaped my life, molding me into who I am today. I am grateful for the lessons of my elders.
Thank you

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Dancingfire 2008 Pictures, Images and Photos

Getting ready to head out for a family gathering.
Hope you all are enjoying your week end.
JULY 4TH. COLORSPLASH Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Coming of Grandfather

native american Pictures, Images and Photos

My Indian friend has my attention tonight. By candlelight his expression speaks of, " Father ". His eyes look at me, but his vision is beyond ...way beyond. He has seen so much of all that his earthly journey has revealed. Now, having passed beyond all of it, his vision reaches other worlds. Worlds of the Dreamers. He is listening to the chanting of his ancestors, He follows the flight of the Eagle. At his side walks the shadow of a Greywolf - companion here on this earth, and way beyond. The two walk softly and in peace... Thru moonlit paths of forest, along riverbeds, and on toward the great mountain. No sound do they make as they make their way toward the summit. There is no need to hurry .
MORNING PRAYER Pictures, Images and Photos
Standing there at the summit, the " Father" greets the full moon, and blesses its sacred light. He blesses Four Winds as their presence moves over his countenance. The Greywolf remains at his side. The Father smiles and lifts his right arm up and outward. He holds the pipe in his fist. From within his fragile frame, a strong powerful noise begins to rise outward. His singing reverberates -borne on the four winds, the singing flows far and wide. Deep into the long night the " Father " stands unmoving. He listens to his ancient ones,' response, and tears form in his eyes to slowly descend onto his cheeks.
Eagle flight Pictures, Images and Photos
At first light, the eagle soars above the summit, and beholds the pipe resting on the cliff. On the second pass, the eagle retrieves the pipe and makes its way to the valley below.
The elders gather at the hut of the father to make sure the pipe is where it belongs. Having thanked the ancients they go on their way ...smiling in secret. They know...

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Favorite Place On Earth

Acadia National Park Pictures, Images and Photos
From the time I was a little girl up until I married, I spent every vacation and some long week ends with my Aunt who lived on the coast of Maine in North East Harbor.
Acadia Pictures, Images and Photos
Spent a lot of time on the island.Part of that Island is known as Acadia National park. My favorite places on earth.I would like to share it with you in photos.
Acadia National Park, Maine Pictures, Images and Photos
What to say of this place,what to call it.Through time it has had many names. But is now Acadia National Park.
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There are magnificent mountains,constant sea working it's ceaseless salt water massage on the rocky shores. Gentle brooks whispering secrets we all might learn.Lovely lakes and ponds,their mirrored waters doubling their beauty.And...The creatures that live around them ,in them,above them. Mountains,sea,brooks,ponds .This is Acadia.Enjoy the photos and have a spectacular weekend.
acadia national park Pictures, Images and Photos
Acadia National Park Pictures, Images and Photos
Acadia National Park Pictures, Images and Photos
Acadia National Park Pictures, Images and Photos
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Acadia National Park Pictures, Images and Photos
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It pretty much goes without saying,but I will,lol.
There is so much more to see and experience in my beloved Acadia...wonderful carriage roads,stone bridges,etc. Thinking about taking a vacation ? You wont be disappointed with Acadia...Dancingfire