Monday, September 13, 2010

"The Dance"

Cliffs of Moher and Atlantic Ocean Pictures, Images and Photos
Hear me whisper your name. I am here on the cliffs-the moon rides silently high above...It's light dances with reverence upon the slow moving waters.There is sweet stillness here. The mingling of pine and cedar with the salty air cleanses every particle of our beings,and the glorious power rising from the depths of the mighty sea surges on and on-rushing ever deeper in each of us,flowing in and tru us. It is so right and so good to be here,beloved Sister.
Your smile says as much as you begin the dancing.So aligned are you with the resounding heartbeat rising from the deep living waters below.
I would dance with you,but,for now it is sufficient for me to watch.So awesome is the life energy emanating from you.The graceful movement of the higher you comes forth,until I no longer see the physical- only the ecstatic fire building-rising above the earth,moving outward over the waters;and the sound of your tears decends with incredible tenderness upon the earth. The hushed sound of tinkling bells echo with each tear as it touches down.
In the distance the sound of drums,(barely audible,)drift upon the waves.You turn toward me. The light in your eyes are actual torches of camp fire,and the drums echo a Thank You to you for your visit.


AkasaWolfSong said...

You are reading and feeling me once again from afar my Love and I once again can only whisper Thank You for the vision...

This week has been extremely trying in many ways but I keep remembering my OverSoul and to keep my eyes on the sky...

I know you walk this Beloved Mother with me...I feel you as near as my breath, always.

This testament is proof of that...I have been longing to have you near me physically, now more than ever.

The tears I cry are for all of humanity...Wake Up! Wake Up! The time draws near and Mother needs all of us!

Bless You for Your Gift of Sight, for a Blossoming Heart that never stops blooming, for depth and wisdom unlike others as we all hold our own uniqueness...

Walking the land with you we go to your creek and place our feet in the waters there, to be cleansed together and send the healing into the water, as it flows always to the seas...tears, laughter, joy, and even sadness at times embrace us for all that is...all that will ever be.

I love you beyond words DancingFire heart aches to hug you and touch your face...the things Sisters do...

Someday we will be together, you and I and I can hardly wait!

You Are My Beloved One!

May Grandmother and Grandfather Bless You and Keep You Always....


DancingFire said...

Always feeling you sister.I am always near.
We will be together one day I know!
Love you my sister of long ago,sister of light.
As for people waking up ? We can only do that which we can.Have a beautiful and peace filled day.xxxx