Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Old woman
The drums sound...distant,yet none-the-less present. I see a campfire. I see a solitary one dancing. It's a measured step...a deliberate,emphatic step.It's a message of power,of wisdom,of extraordinary vision.
The hypnotic cadence brings me to the circle of fire,and the one dancing. She stops,and gazes into my eyes. I feel and hear her heartbeat,her breath as she inhales and exhales.Her eyes draw me ever deeper within,until I am moving thru them...moving toward a sunbathed meadow filled with glorious wildflowers.
That hauntingly beautiful song drifts on the gentle winds. Again ,she stands within arms reach of me,and she smiles."Welcome,Dancingfire.It is good that we are together again,after a time of(seeming) absence.It is a delight to watch your mind leap and dance as you always have done.I see you have a ways to go for patience. Come,sit here with me."
We sit down near a brook. She places her hand to my forehead,telling me to relax,and listen to the voice of the wind."close your eyes. The wind will speak to you." I close my eyes,and suddenly I hear a soft whisper that becomes louder...enough for me to hear a voice saying,"Now!It is time.It is time for you to increase, to expand your vision. It is time for you ,Dancingfire,to open wide the gate that brings you to the greater path. Do it! Now!"
I hear the drums again.She stands before me and says,"You know what to do,and when you are to do it.You will be given flashes of remembrance,as you are able to receive them.We will help you,guide you,Dancingfire.You cannot recall exactly (where you are this day,)But you and I have shared similar paths before.Be at peace.Walk very close,very attentive to our precious one.Know that we do no less for you, and for her."
The drums begin to fade.I am drifting. The winds carry me gently thru many layers of mist.My eyes will not stay open. As they close,she whispers,"Sleep ,my sister.Listen to the song."I hear that haunting song.It surrounds me,envelopes me;and it is so alive with love,and gentleness. I give myself over to it. I drift in it,and with it...on and on,and on.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Beautiful Visions my Spirit Sister...

I love you so very much!

Feed the Rabbit! He He He

JoyceAnn said...

Hi DancingFire ~ Love your blog ! I can see the wisdom in her eyes and the beautiful wrinkles on her face.

~ Many Blessings ~

Wendilea said...

What a beautiful post DancingFire! I am right with you there on that porch, having a smoke, and watching the quiet wonder of the world pass by. Brightest Blessings!