Saturday, July 31, 2010

When I was very young and I first started to travel,long before Grandmother,Grandfather and the Ancients began to appear to me, in Dream time,I heard
these words spoken,"There are so many treasures."
here are the questions I asked and the answers I got .
Q.What treasures do you mean?
A."Each dimension, or level of consciousness has it's own treasures."

Q.Please give me examples.
A."While we converse,you experience(in many ways,) the treasure of communion,which is not of the earth plane.Your physical body is passive during this communion. A higher level of sense overrides the physical;yet,what you experience is no less valid,no less real,as is your physical body.This is something you already know.'

Q.How,who,initiates this communion?
A."The invitation is given.You choose to accept or not."

Q.Is there any danger(remotely or at hand,)to me should I choose to accept?
A."No! The invitation is offered only to those who are long prepared to accept."

Q.What is the preparation?
A."It is a process that evolves from before the 1st incarnation,up to(and including,) the current one.During each respective incarnation,there are fleeting glimpses of previous incarnation(s) given.
Some will dismiss those glimpses. Some simply cannot make a connection.Some find them amusing, only in passing. The few,(comparably speaking,) claim the images,and ponder their validity...all the while,recognizing(at a higher level of awareness,) that the images are not only valid,but vital to their personal evolution. Thus,the images serve to prepare one for the visitations to increase and intensify."

Q.Is one left to experience such visitations on their own,so to speak?
A."Only at the physical realm does the word "alone" have a place; and, that is only possible,by choice.
In reality,you are an integral part of the whole and complete.Consider ,for a moment;While on the earthly plane you live among countless people,near and far.Some you know,while many,many more you will never meet.You know this in countless ways;yet you also know the latter have ever been with you,from your 1st incarnation unto the present.Thus,"alone" is non-relevant.
When it is time to make the transition from the earthly plane,you are prepared by those who will accompany you home.

Q.When I experience a visitation do I leave my physical body?
A."No!You remain in the physical realm,while the higher consciousness(the REAL you,) steps beyond the earthly plane.It is this very fact that should clarify for you,the false notion of"alone."

Q. How many levels of consciousness are there?
A."There are as many levels as is necessary to bring you to fruition,to that whole and complete state.All of which,depends on how many times you will incarnate,in order to complete your mission."

What other treasures are there?
A."I suggest you study closely the previous dream time travel you have experienced. I will say,however,each level of the conscious,each incarnation,(which is one and the same,)Holds it's own unique"treasure." It is part of your mission to recognize each,and use it for the greater good.

Q.Can one choose not to incarnate again?
A. No! Because you chose to make this journey. You committed yourself to this noble mission involved.You were offered this mission with full knowledge of what would be involved.
With each incarnation,you have left some sign(image) of the previous incarnation,which you would call upon to help you re-focus whenever the clouds of confusion,might overwhelm you.(One of the 'treasures" of your 1st few incarnations.)

Q.Thank you,these insights are deeply appreciated. May we meet again,for further discussion?
A.When you need to do so.

Q.Who are you? Are you a guide,an Angel?
A. I am,who is from before forever. I am you..."you," who are the greater love,the greater good. I am "you,"You,here on the earthly plane,who will continue to expand your true essence,ever deeper and wider...


AkasaWolfSong said...

This is a great writing but does not ring true for me....


DancingFire said...

I would like to talk to you more about this.It does not necsisarily ring true for me in this day and time and progression.It is just something that I felt moved to write about.