Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Night-owl Pictures, Images and Photos
Grandfather is in shadow tonight,yet I feel his silent presence-that ageless,gentle,loving presence.
About a half hour ago,I was outside,and heard an Owl's call several times. Oh,how glorious a sound. How haunting,and primal. How utterly compelling; and,re-assuring-for what reason,I don't know.
I am of the night. I am most in my element at the hours after night has settled in. I feel a deep vibration that resonates with who I am. The silence,the wondrous stillness is nourishment and vitality for me.
there is a night fire-unearthly,and equaled only by the power of the ocean's ever-moving waters. There is a solitary path which only I may walk with Grandfather.
He comes in many forms,but always,it is he-beloved son of the Ancients-who walks with me.

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AkasaWolfSong said...

I feel you Sister...have been feeling you for a few days now quite heavily...

I will try and call you tomorrow...

Beautiful Words as Always Long Time Sister!

I love you so! word verifcation is 'logic'...imagine that!