Monday, October 25, 2010

The Path Of The Ancients

The Path Of The Ancients...the path to the beach.I call upon our people to join us;I ask for the voice of the drums to speak softly. I ask for the fire to be built and set aflame,That you may see with clarity the greater picture of your mission.
Panther arrives and stands between us,while the Dream-Dancers move to the soft beat of the drums. From afar, a flutes fragile sound weaves throughout the music-first so soft and low,then higher and powerful.
We wait for you to dance the depth and breadth of your pain,thereby releasing it's awesome burden to the ether.
Slowly,you lift your arms toward the night skies. A profound silence comes quickly to embrace all in attendance;then,a single drumbeat-slow,steady; and emphatic rises up to encircle you. The many prisms of light emanate from you;and, you begin to dance slowly,and with measured clarity.
The drumbeat increases,and so your dance quickens. The Dream Dancers move around you, in a weaving fashion. You seem unaware of them.
Tears fall silently from your closed eyes,but your step is sure and steady.
A voice from afar begins to chant, and you chant as though in answer.You continue to dance among the Dream Dancers. The pain,the tears,the passion flow freely outward,and is gathered elsewhere to be dispersed,and gone from you.
The Drums slow and become muted. You begin to tire.The Dream Dancers withdraw. Once again,we are alone on the beach.We sit on the sand.Panther lies between us. The soft hush of the surf is like an Ancient lullaby. We sleep,while Panther remains between us with her strength and warmth.

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AkasaWolfSong said...

Taking this into Dreamtime with me Sister of Long Ago....

Peace be with us this night...

I will wait upon the beach for you!