Friday, July 30, 2010

Those who choose to make the journey will be provided for.

The message is still the same...never changing.
Those who choose to make the journey will be provided for.Grandfather comes to remind me of this in his own way.
Grandfather is looking heavenward,as if listening very intently. He is there...the Ancients are present,and speaking to him.He is invited to sit with them.The Grey Wolf sits at his side. One of the Ancients gestures to Grandfather,and the old one begins to chant.
Medicine blanket
His story unfolds...his words to the Ancients speak of how the camp will be dispersed,how difficult will be the journey to enough food and water for all. His face is etched with pain.His hands tremble as he signs to the Ancients. The Ancients nod in agreement. A single voice speaks to the old one,"Be assured,brother,those who choose to make that journey will be provided for. Those who choose not to remain will be given safe passage home. Your pain and your tears are received humbly. You are an honor to your people. We pray you continue to watch and pray for them. Be for them strength and courage during that difficulty , as you have ever been. Rest easy, old one. All is as it should be.Peace to you, beloved. Sing peace outward,until it flows back to you a thousand times ten-thousand fold."

The drums begin,as the Old One takes leave of the Ancients. Voices chanting accompany him as he returns. High atop the summit he and Grey wolf give thanks to the Ancients while they wait for 1st light. The Old One sleeps and dreams...

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AkasaWolfSong said...

Pilamaya Grandfather!

Thank You Sister for this perfectly timed message!


I shall sing peace outward!!!!