Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Coming of Grandfather

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My Indian friend has my attention tonight. By candlelight his expression speaks of, " Father ". His eyes look at me, but his vision is beyond ...way beyond. He has seen so much of all that his earthly journey has revealed. Now, having passed beyond all of it, his vision reaches other worlds. Worlds of the Dreamers. He is listening to the chanting of his ancestors, He follows the flight of the Eagle. At his side walks the shadow of a Greywolf - companion here on this earth, and way beyond. The two walk softly and in peace... Thru moonlit paths of forest, along riverbeds, and on toward the great mountain. No sound do they make as they make their way toward the summit. There is no need to hurry .
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Standing there at the summit, the " Father" greets the full moon, and blesses its sacred light. He blesses Four Winds as their presence moves over his countenance. The Greywolf remains at his side. The Father smiles and lifts his right arm up and outward. He holds the pipe in his fist. From within his fragile frame, a strong powerful noise begins to rise outward. His singing reverberates -borne on the four winds, the singing flows far and wide. Deep into the long night the " Father " stands unmoving. He listens to his ancient ones,' response, and tears form in his eyes to slowly descend onto his cheeks.
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At first light, the eagle soars above the summit, and beholds the pipe resting on the cliff. On the second pass, the eagle retrieves the pipe and makes its way to the valley below.
The elders gather at the hut of the father to make sure the pipe is where it belongs. Having thanked the ancients they go on their way ...smiling in secret. They know...


AkasaWolfSong said...

All Petitions and Prayers have been answered.

Such Beauty resides within these words Sister and I am reminded to go Into my Dreamtime tonight with specific intent after reading here this morning...more so than usual.

Thank You for the Reminder!

DancingFire said...

Hi Sister...Thank you for coming here today.Did you enjoy your evening yesterday? I am laying low today as I know tomorrow will be busy and long.Hope you are enjoying your day.