Thursday, July 22, 2010

More of ,"The Multi-Gemmed Ring

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Someone is near-by. This person tells me that this is a return visit;and, others await my arrival. Ahead of me waits my guide - GreyWolf, the four legged. He turns and walks ahead of me . We move soundless among the ancient giant trees.
The voice of Owl can be heard in the distance.Occasional streaks of Moonlight pierce the great forest to touch a rock ,or a tree stump along the path . The drums are beating a subdued chant .
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The GreyWolf slows his pace, then stops . He turns his head toward me. His eyes catch a bit of the moon's light . I see the fleeting bits of red sparks in those all-knowing eyes,and, then - he is gone .
The drums increase. The wind pushes thru the great trees. It's voice more clear and emphatic. I'm being shadowed ( sort of ) by a large animal, whose step is soundless. I know it's Panther. She allows me ( now) to see her sleek, graceful form , and hear her low, occasional purr-like voice. She enters the path a short distance ahead of me, and walks on .
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We reach a clear,partially open space. Panther turns her head,and as her eyes meet mine, she changes form . A woman, about 5ft ,8 inches tall stands before me . Her hair bound in a single braid rests upon her right side . The aura of this beautiful woman is striking. She wears a dark colored dress that reaches below her knees. She wears nothing on her feet .She holds an object in her palmed hands.
I step closer to her . The object she holds is the multi -gem-ed ring. Amazed, I ask her , " have we not met before ?" She answers, "Yes, DancingFire. At the temple of many lights. I stood in the midst of the pillars of lights, and presented this ring to you via one of my young attendants ."
" You see the newest gem of the cats eye is included . You now begin to develop the cats vision ability. Note the unswerving confidence of the cat's gaze. Note also , the utter stillness of the cat's body when it's gaze is fixes on it's subject . Observe, your newly acquired feline . He is gift. he will teach you much , merely by his own presence, and your close observation. Know, it is not by chance that he has come to share your journey .
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" Look into my eyes, while I place the cat's eye against your forehead ." I see the depths in her eyes, and feel the gem against my forehead . A sudden brilliant something seems to split my head apart. I feel tremendous heat streaming from the center of my head . It moves like liquid fire, and fragments into countless rays of colored light .
I'm moving upward in a circular fashion. High above the great forest, far beyond the stars. there's awesome , soul-shattering music. It surrounds me. It's alive,and holding me in it's arms .It smiles at me , and whispers, " I am the voice of your ancient soul. Your soul fashioned by Father/Mother God comes forth to speak it's word, to lift your consciousness to higher levels . You will, very soon, realize a heightened awareness, and increase of extraordinary vision that will initially astound you . Be at peace with it . Allow it to come . Move with it . It is you, as you were before the stars were named .

" Listen closely to the music. Allow it to permeate you body, your surroundings. Give thanks to Great Spirit for the gift of ancient , timeless origin, from which great love and wisdom flows. Remember always who you are, and why you are here . The gift is universal, for universal purpose . It is time for you to return . Be assured that we will meet again soon, and , speak further. Go , in love and peace. Wait for the cat's eye to be placed in your hand . It comes to validate , to re-reinforce, to nourish and sustain you in a new phase of your journey.
There is a low hum-like sound surrounding me . It's carrying me away ? Not sure . I'm being led by the GreyWolf to the edge of the great forest. The drums, barely audible, bring me back home . I feel so tired, so drained , so completely silenced .


mxtodis123 said...

I love your blog. I get so much out of it. Thank you.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Ahhhh yes, my Blue Star Sister...
I know this of you!

I love you so very much!
You are a bright star shining for the many!


DancingFire said...

Thank you both for your visit and your comments...warms my heart !