Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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As I slip into Dreamtime,a multitude of faces pass in review.Some were not very pleasing to see.Then Great Grandmother appeared,but only the outline of her face which seemed to emanate a soft white light, I saw her eyes(the dark pupils moving occasionally,)and I saw her lips moving as though speaking. I could not hear her words. Her face faded from view...flashes of reds,blue,green,amber, and a bright cobalt blue would come and go.For awhile I seemed to drift.
Suddenly,a multiple arched corridor appears. The arches seemed to emanate a diffused white light,or could have been the arches themselves. I recall 6 to 8 of them.Between the 5th and 6th arch,I noticed a dark clothed figure,which faded and replaced by many coming and going.
Again,I drifted. Great Grandmother's face reappeared,much the same as before,yet softer,more gentle...hard to define.So,I spoke to her,asking her to be present and work thru my hands.After some time,I woke up to find it was 2:A.M.
There is something rising on yet a new wave.


Star said...

A thoughtful journey into dreamtime Dancing Fire. You took me with you. I was in need of refreshment today. On Friday my youngest son is getting married. Could you please dream him into your thoughts for a happy life, if that is possible?
I will take you with me on my next excursion into a higher level of thought. I have a beautiful video clip on my Facebook page I would love you to see?
Blessings Star

mxtodis123 said...

A wonderful journey into Dreamtime. Recently, I have been finding myself there more often.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Ah my Dearest...a new wave is correct! After I spoke with you the other evening I went to the door to go outside and what flies into my awareness but Raven and flew to a tree in my view, and sat upon the highest perch. I could feel him watching me, observing me. I feel by his presence he was with me when I fell into trance for Lake Victoria, that he was the messenger that took me to that place in that magickal moment in time. I too feel that something is about to happen.
A new wave is a very apt description...I am glad Grandmother is with you!

DancingFire said...

I am happy as always to see you all here.
Star is done,thanks for the sharing of the video.I loved it as I have already told you
Mary,Thanks to you also for your comment here.Dream time is a wonderful and revealing place.
Akasa...Raven is about me most often in recent days.Bringing his healing message.It is no coincidence that he was present with you in trance as you know.Grandmother and Raven are close,in and out of me and about me almost constantly.Awake or asleep.I love you my forever sister of light and

VisionWise said...

I love your posts, and imagery... wow. I appreciate your story-telling... My dreams have been so kind and vivid this past week, hawk and wolf came to me, and showed me the way... I saw ahead and was so happy... I learned a lot too, and then last night spider came.. It was so explicit what she said... She came with medicine, flourite to be exact... I've been carrying some all day, and feel so much clearer and lighter... I resonate with your raven energy... Thank you for sharing...