Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Klamath Indian Woman Pictures, Images and Photos
Grandmother seems to convey a determined look on her face. What might be her determination,do you think?
Perhaps,it's focus rather than determination...perhaps both. I suspect you cant have one without the other.
We have soared the heights on eagles wings.We've danced upon the waters.We've traveled so many dimensions,so many levels in a very short time.We have sat in council. We've heard the many voices;Raven,The drums,the ancients. We've beheld the glorious Fire of Infinity. We've walked the woodland path,stood upon the high cliffs,and wandered the valleys below.We've been in the awesome presence of pheasants and kings.
The velvet night sky surrounds me...from afar I see a tiny speck of light.It continues toward me...increasing in size and brilliance.
Lakota Indian Woman Pictures, Images and Photos
I hear the pulsing beat,as it continues to advance. I hear the drums,the chanting,and the velvet night sky is consumed by the massive light. It stops...a hush,a deep all-embracing calm pulsates noiselessly.
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From the centre,there appears an oval shaped portal;then,she silent,so vibrant,so alive.She smiles and whispers,"Come to me. Look into these ancient ageless eyes. Tell me little sister,what do you see? I am entering her eyes. I see not her,but I see three pillars of fire. I see beneath each one an inscription,which read(respectively) 1. Soul 2. Heart 3. Mind. From aside she whispers,"Which of these do you claim for your own?I try to speak,but no sound comes forth.The incredibly deep silence wraps me with in itself. I am drifting.There is only the wondrous silence.


AkasaWolfSong said...

When I look at Grandmother's face I have that within knowing She sees all and knows can see etched in lines across her face the weight She carries so eloquently. Here is One who knows action comes from the loving.

Raven hovers about me...all night and again this morning...leaving me gifts from Spirit...Grandmother remains close my Sister...your vision speaks well and speaks so much!
Which one shall I choose?
Love and Blessings Dear One!

DancingFire said...

Which one shall you choose my sister of light and healing?
Raven is also all about me and I feel he will be for a time.Grandmother is ever present and I agree with you about Grandmother.It is a weight she is willing and happy to share for the greater good sister.
I love you and as always...My day is full because you are here.

Tammie Lee said...

lovely post~
Thank you for your visit. Yes Hounds Tongue has medical and warnings with it. You may enjoy looking it up.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Stopping in to to say I shall meet you at the Gate to Dreamtime!

Let's fly in the ethers together tonight Sister Love!

Sweet Dreams!