Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Touch The Fire"

My mind is wandering. Words float in and out of mind ..." I need to touch the fire ", Whatever that means.And now , i hear drums...distant, muffled. I wish you could hear the drums. They're a constant, a comforting presence. Does that make any sense to you ?Yes, of course , The womb, the universal pulse, the primal voice of Mother God. Well , she's here. She is present . She presents , ( to me ) an image of a woman dancing. Long dark hair glistens in the muted fire of the torches. Her eyes are closed. She comes from Dream-Time . She moves so gracefully, so reverently, yet , with great passion .Around her gathers veils of many colors- vibrant, alive , electric .Through the veils forms emerge and form a circle around the woman. While she dances clockwise, the forms dance counter clockwise. From elsewhere a voice sings a most haunting song . The vibration of the singing becomes an irresistible cadence flowing thru me . She approaches me ... her eyes open ; flashes of brilliant blue sparks seem to issue forth toward me . Oh my , the woman is you - you hold out your hand to me , and take my hands firmly.You walk backward slowly.
You speak... answer the question in my mind, " No, you're not dreaming...Not how you imagine dreaming to be . You do need to touch the fire , again . Come ! Grandmother waits." We walk side -by-side , thru, the veils of many colors. As we pass thru the veils, the drums begin that familiar beat intense, and with sense of great purpose.
You're speaking in a language unknown to me, as we walk . Suddenly, Raven appears and takes his place on your right shoulder . We approach a small hut. Inside, i see a circle of white stones that holds a fire safely. We sit down near the fire . I notice Raven is no longer on your shoulder, but i cant recall seeing him leave .
There's a noise... a rustling, a faint breeze. You look at me and smile. You rise to your feet. I do the same, and turn around to see Grandmother standing there .She steps close to you , and holds you in her arms briefly, yet emphatically. The two of you come to me , and we sit down around the circle of fire . raven now sits on Grandmothers shoulder .
" You must touch the fire, Dancingfire." Grandmother tells me . She continues , "Look into the circle of fire . let the flame take you within itself . As you enter , you will recall how you became the flame , long , long ago . You will know now , as you knew then , the power , which the flame is for you , in you , and through you to others .It is gift. You know that once such a gift is given, it is in you always. I know how difficult it can be to walk between two worlds, as do you . However, it is time to focus on the flame - the Gift .It is time to enter , to merge , to become one with the flame. Then you will understand why you are Dancingfire .Our names always speak a hidden message . Our names are not chosen randomly; instead, they are chosen, for what they are ... sacred, eternal expression of the Great Spirit who first called you by this name .
It is now very quiet. You, and Grandmother each hold one of my hands. The drums begin anew . Measured, deep , vibrating throughout me . The flame increases higher and wider . I'm moving toward it's center . Voices begin to chant as i enter the flame . Then , there is no sound. I see nothing. I'm caught up into a circling moving wind ? Not sure . It is so rapid. It all ends abruptly. i am alone on the cliffs; yet, I sense a presence. I call out, " Who are you ?Come closer so i may see you ."
" Here i am ", you call .I see you on the beach below. " Come down here . Lets dance in the surf ". You say with a joyous lilt to your voice . I begin to walk the path down to where you are . As I walk toward you , you say to me , " You are truly Fire Dancing ". Again you seem to chuckle, as you lead me into the surf.

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AkasaWolfSong said...

And thus my Precious One was born!

I love you...more with each passing hour!