Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pathway to the Dreamer

Grandfather looks heavenward at this hour. There is an Aura of serenity about him . I "see" The Dreamers energy emanating with ever-widening expanse . I feel Grandfathers hand resting upon my shoulder. We're waiting... The silence is a deep, pulse of harmony; and , alive with soft rays of color...Like the prism. Each ray is a pathway , a threshold to other dimensions .
There comes a rush of wind ...The sound is nearly deafening. In it's wake a translucent sphere appears. I see layer after layer lifting free of the sphere, until there remains a gold spinning orb .
Focus your attention upon the gold object. it is means by which you may enter Dream-time. The outer layers represent the many different dimensions of Dream-time, which you have already known .
" With-in the gold object you will see yet another gold object . This inner-sphere moves counter-clockwise . It is a mechanism by which you are transported to the pathway of transparency...A state of invisibility that enables you to move freely in an instant, to where you must be for a given reason .
" Your physical frame remains visible only to those who receive you . To the others around you , you simply are unseen . Those who receive you , unknowingly await your appearance ; there, your appearance is not a shock to them .
" This state of invisibility, ( or elevated level of consciousness,) is very beneficial to your physical body , because it undergoes a process of renewal. Each component is re-energized and aligned to the proper elemental level.
While in this dimension of Dream-time, you may feel completely at rest; yet ; you are actively involved in what you are sent forth to do. It could be intervention of some sort , it could be to guide someone . It could be a mission to console the grieving. it could be to assist in restoring sense of worth / purpose to one who languishes.
Once your work is finished, you return to full physical form and substance. After you are fully rested, then you return to your earthly path ; however ; you return quite different than when you left .To put it simply, you have died to a degree;and have at the same time , entered a new level of maturity . This Maturation process is so necessary , and , intricately part of your transfiguration process.
Never fear any
of the above, for your guides attend your coming and going . Be at peace in this .


AkasaWolfSong said...

I really need to go deep into my Dreamtime again...lately I just sleep fitfully because of the heat. I so need to do this Sister!

Loving you so much for all that you are, do, share!

Wendilea said...

Wonderful post DancingFire. Of late I have complained of feeling invisible, not a part of my former social scene as I spend hours of time alone now. Somehow you made me feel comforted by this feeling, instead of isolated by it. Bless you!

DancingFire said...

Yes Akasa,It is hard to sleep with the heat let alone reach that place we desire to be. It comes when we least expect it will.I love you so very much !

DancingFire said...

Wendilea,Thank you.Sometimes alone- ness is the way we get in touch with ourselves.What a wonderful way to perceive your alone time..I am so happy the writing lifted you up in some way. Blessings.