Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rest and Healing...Dancingfire

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We approach the sacred Space.
The grove dimly lit by the moon moving above us. The towering trees-sentinels guarding,ever watchful-lend soft voice to the breeze passing thru the branches.
Here, in the utter quiet we rest,and are restored. The incense of earth and pine fills the senses. Soundless is the coming of The Ancient Ones;yet their love and joy is almost palpable. Their great pleasure emanates in the form of a slender flame of light etching into the fabric of our beings a word now hidden for yet a time.
Upon the velvet alter you are received. The slender flame moves slowly above you,, it's myriad of colors cascades with a voice like water in a brook...peaceful, happy and with purpose.
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Until the dawn comes you rest upon the alter of ever renewing light. Dream in the dream of the Ancient Ones.In the love and joy of the Creator we stay the night of unfathomable"mystery".Secure in the Sacred Space we focus on the slender flame and the one from whom it comes.
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AkasaWolfSong said...

A wonderful and restful place of healing and renewal it is, my Sister of Long Ago!

Pilamaya for your Love and Support!

All my love, Always!