Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back at the path

Grandfather looks heavenward tonight . Seems i must be on my way. The light of the moon makes the path clear . The quiet is so wonderful . Stars , to numerous to count dance among the branches of the trees . Grand Father motions that we are to take a path not likely seen in passing . The greyWolf walks between us. This path is very old. Tall grass obscures much of the way , but we pass without difficulty . We seem to be descending gradually. The GreyWolf now moves ahead of us , and dissapears from sight .
We reach a small clearing . Grandfather turns to me, and claps his hands three times. the drums begin. GrandFather places a small pouch in my hand . he speaks softly , " when you approach the fire scatter the dust from the pouch onto the flames . Inhale the smoke only once ."
" I did not notice any fire , grandfather " ,I tell him . My words fade , as he also fades from my view .From somewhere, he answers , " Turn around ". I turn and see a campfire ahead . I approach the fire , and scatter the dust upon the flames .
Suddenly ,the flames burst into bright reds , blues , greens , and yellow . Smoke rises from the fire . I move close and take a deep breath . My body feels so heavy . My mind is going to sleep . I struggle to stay awake , but sleep comes rapidly .I watch in awe as i separate from my sleeping body ; then , I'm moving very fast through many layers , until i find myself standing on the beach .
It is deep night . I hear the waves against the rocks , feel the water against my ankles .Looking out across the rolling sea , there appears four people moving swiftly toward the beach .They come directly to me . " I know you ", I whisper to the woman . " yes , you know me , DancingFire ". ' You're wearing the clothes of my people , " I say in wondrous awe .
" As do you , Little Sister . look , and you will see ", she answers . I look , and i am wearing a cream - colored dress with beads of burgandy , red , deep green , and bright blue. My hair is long , and braided. In my hair are two slender white feathers . Small , short feathers of Eagle .
She tells me , " Lift your arm out from your body . Hold firm and steady . " I do so ; and as i do , i hear eagles voice as he approaches, and lands upon my outstretched arm . He turns and looks at me . From afar , she whispers , " Go with Eagle." I'm being lifted skyward . Higher and Higher we move , leaving the night , the sea , and the four people behind . We ride the air currents effortlessly. I watch the sun just now touching the earth with first light .
Eagle descends slowly toward the trees . I feel the strength of his mighty wings , and hear his heartbeat . He lands on the beach , and with his glorious cry , bids me farewell . I watch him ascend until no longer in sight .
GrandFather approaches me , and we turn away from the ocean . Dawn touches the frosty air with soft pinks . Wordlessly, we enter the path leading home .At the bend, the greywolf meets us , and we walk in silience . The drums again sound...soft , ever so softly . Grandfather leaves us as we reach the clearing .
" Thank You , GrandFather ," I whisper . Looking at the GreyWolf , I say , " Thank You , My good loyal friend ". He stops , turns , and dissapears into the trees . I watch him go , and notice that once he enters the woods , he turns to look at me .....

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AkasaWolfSong said...

You cannot know how incredible it is to hear this again...some things are indelibly written across the heart.

I love you...
I'm blessing you...
I'm with you!