Monday, May 10, 2010


Slowly, ever so softly, the music comes to wrap me with in its majesty, its profoundness…to shatter me in countless, glorious ways. The vibrations are many, and like ocean waves, no two are the same. There’s drama and playfulness, there’s great depths and lightness, there’s strength and wondrous gentleness.
There’s light blending with darkness. There’s rising and cascading, and incredible spiraling. There’s thunderous power tempered by the softest of sighs. I could continue this line of thought, but this is sufficient.
See…from the breath of Great Spirit, comes the living wind to stir the passive waters, and lift the arms of the pine, Oak Cedar and other trees, that they may dance and sway to the ebb and flow of the Earth-land, and waters alike.
The sweeping trains of night’s robes come to erase the last failing light of day; and, to bring the sweet rest, which only night can provide.
From the vast distance a whispering voice bids the weary one to close the eyes and go to the sacred place of Dreamtime.
Here, in Dreamtime, while the body is at rest, the spirit rises to dance and celebrate its true home. Here, soul stretches. It expands in numberless directions, to embrace (and, be embraced by,) its true essence- the very heart and soul of the universes, otherwise known as Great Spirit. (It’s the Father, Mother, Sister and Brother)
Here, where mystery is wisdom revealed, where love is life designed to live eternally, soul is both beloved and loved; equal in all things and all ways ;both served and servant; both life and death mingled; both seen and unseen; both here and there, and everywhere.
If soul (here) whispers an inaudible sigh, that sigh fills the furthermost of all Universes, to return as a kiss-a response from Great Spirit. So, too, a silent tear on the cheek finds it’s way to Great Spirit, and is returned in blessings too numerous to count.
Ah, precious soul, child of infinity, see how noble your stature, how mighty your presence; how profoundly deep you are intertwined with the mystery of your own existence.
Know beyond all doubt you are most highly favored, most beloved, of Great Spirit …Writing by Dancinfire


AkasaWolfSong said...

And the cadence of your words...the element they stir within, is truly of Great Spirit's calling us to abide deeply in Mother/Father's wings. Deeply enfolded in that Primal Love...all of us 'one' separate, as you and beloved alike.

Your connection to me on this Earth-walk is profound and I know we have walked these lands for a long, long time Sister of My Heart...softly reaching always one to the other..I love you Dancingfire!

Om Shanti Om...

Your words are as wondrous and beautiful as could it be otherwise?

DancinFire said...

We have walked many paths together in many lifetimes only to come together again in this and many more to be sure.You are the heart of my heart. No 'one'