Monday, May 31, 2010

" Grey Wolf "

When Grey Wolf first began coming to me as a Totem and Guide,Grandfather came in Dream time and posed a question…” Can you consider the path of Grey Wolf ? What wisdom does Grey Wolf hold within his knowing eyes? Does his story align itself with our peoples journey? What of his mission? Do you think Grey Wolf dreams or has visions? Do you say ,perhaps,if only Grey Wolf could speak? I say,”Grey wolf speaks in many ways…his presence, his natural habits,his eyes,the way he moves, how he lives…his silent presence reveals his great knowledge, and profound wisdom. He is our brother, and a part of our mission.
“ the great one has made it so . Give much thought to your brother, Grey Wolf; and, when it’s time, ask him to take you with him,when he knows you are able to make the journey. Already you see Grey wolf Close by. What do you see at this moment?”
I see Grey wolf walking noiselessly at the edge of the woods ,where there is brush and slender trees enough to conceal his presence. Grey Wolf walks slowly, his ears pointed toward the area ahead. His slender , agile (and powerful) frame is almost ghost like, so well he blends with his surroundings. He walks with sure steps, keenly aware of everything near and far. Occasionally he stops and sniffs the air; and listens. He turns to face me. His eyes reflect the Moons light with bits of red sparks. He sits now…there among two Birch trees.
I feel a connection with this beautiful animal. His gaze , like his whole demeanor, is comforting, reassuring. He does not seem uncomfortable with my presence. We simply share each others presence in silence. He stands, and lowers his head briefly, turns and enters the woods.
Grandfather nods his head, and whispers, “ Grey wolf will return soon, to take you with him,for awhile . Know that as you walk with him, he will protect and nourish you. You will observe first hand the greater meaning of “mother”,because Grey Wolf and his kind are excellent examples of ,”parents”. Grey wolf is sacred gift to those who would be willing to receive. I will return soon… DancingFire.


AkasaWolfSong said...

And that is the way of it...truly!

I have had many occurences with Black and White Wolf in my Dreamtime.

Your dream holds much power with Grandfather's gentle leading...gently he leads you to your totem, your brother...

Such Beauty exudes from these words of your dream my Dancing Sister...the Fire of your passion burns brightly within you!

I love you more with each passing day!

DancingFire said...

Thank you Akasa. When Grandfather comes I surely listen.Grow new ears to hear his every word,look through new eyes to see.He does lead gently, always.I dance at his return. Love you my Akasa,my gem.

AkasaWolfSong said...

As I love fireflies in flight...
I love thee my friend!
You are a beacon in the darkness.