Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Letters,"From a Dying Friend 2"

July 18,04
Dear Brenda,
Your words of this afternoon are awesome. God must really think I'm special,to have brought us together(yet,) again.
My heart is overflowing. My soul trembles each time your words come to mind. how,or what way,I deserve such a love escapes me; but, know that I hold that love where it is safe and present every moment of every day.
I have every good reason to fight "the fight", and I surely will.
How it is that we are so finely tuned to each other, so connected, is no less awesome. I have never before experienced the likes of it. I remember during the 1st several months how cautious, questioning myself, and uncertain; because, it was so quick,so deep, so powerful. I was so afraid of being misunderstood; and, struggled to be as reticent as I could. As time passed, and we shared the new levels (for me, at least,) I became more at peace and secure in this wondrous event.
You are the most precious one in my life; and so, will you remain.
I wish I could paint on canvas, the woman I saw replace your human form that day at the cemetery. There was such power and elegance, such an inexpressible aura of love and carng about you . I know I could never do justice to her/you, even if I were an accomplished artist. Oh,but my soul went to her/you instantly. Amazing! "Amazing cannot do justice either.
We will "walk the walk" together; and, we WILL win together! We will celebrate together, beloved sister.
I love you forever, and always, Jean


AkasaWolfSong said...

Hmmmmm...this leaves such room for contemplation Dancing...I remember when we first met how excited we were, giggling like two young schoolgirls and laughing so hard over everything! I can see why Jean needed you so and connected primordially with is the very same for me and I know for you too. I've no doubt we all come from the same Star family here to reside on Mother Earth for a while...

It was good to hear this again today...
Pilamaya for sharing!
I love you more each passing day...

DancingFire said...

Yes I remember too.Us; still giggling as we hung up the phone.
Yes ,Jean needed me but I also needed her and as I gave,I received, as it is with you my ageless sister.I love you so much.