Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Mother Earth"

The path is quiet . Nothing stirs . As I move along , my mind wanders. Where ? I'm not sure. Images so fleeting, flash before me, and are gone . I begin to sing . The words , I do not understand,but my spirit feels their power .The sense of soul shattering urgency, as if i cannot sing fast enough .The tears come .Tears of incredible joy , and grieving .Joy for who , and why we are .Grieving for the countless ways in which ," MOTHER EARTH "struggles, and agonizes because of deep, bleeding wounds the world blindly inflicts upon her .
The words are ended , But the brokenness, the horrible wounds fill my mind .I can walk no further .I go to my knees .The tears do not stop .After a long while ,I realize that I fell asleep . Her voice awakened me , and I try to stand .She comes to me and takes my hand .She speaks , "What seems lost , is not ! We will restore and replenish her .Once again ,she will rejoice in her glistening, pure waters; in her pure air , in her pristine forests, and her beautiful meadows .She will rejoice to watch each one of her countless children enjoy fruits of the land , and the seas.
Already the process of her purification has begun .It will be very , very difficult, yet, she will rise again, whole and complete ; and we will celebrate her new birth together .Look beyond the present agony, and behold her as she will be ,,,bright ,shining,alive and filled with inexpressible joy . Focus on her " becoming ", and not on her " Going".
She places her hands on my shoulders. She focuses her eyes on mine .She begins to chant .The ground beneath my feet seems to move . The chanting fades , and the distant drums begins . I try to speak .She smiles knowingly, and whispers , " We will meet very soon, Little Sister." Listen to the song and sleep peacefully .
I find myself standing at the clearing. You walk toward me . raven appears and comes to rest on your shoulder .I reach for your hand . You say , ' Come , it's time to go home ." As your hand touches mine , she begins singing. from somewhere she sings that same haunting song . I look at you and ask if you hear the song , then I realize you are the one singing . I close my eyes . Again , the Earth beneath me moves. I reach again for your hand .
But , I'm alone...drifting with the moving earth ..drifting into a quiet place...Dancingfire


Merry ME said...

I recently watched a PBS show on the recovery of the area around Mt. St. Helens. When that mountain blew it was nothing but ash and pumice everywhere. It is amazing to see how life has come back. Without much help from the humans, the earth has done what it does so well. Lives the circle of life and renewal. If only we could take learn the lessons of the gifts we've been blessed with.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I am reminded of the wondrous poet Sister Maya Angelou with your vision Dancing Sister...

And Still I Rise! And Still I Rise! It will come through the women and the children...and those men who are in touch with their feminine spirit.

The Time of Grandmother is Now!

Such an incredible blessing to come here each day and read your words My Sister of Long Ago!