Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dream Of The New Earth

It is the voice of the Ancients whispering a call to the many that reaches me at this hour .The drums sound clear, and emphatic. The path is before me. It is a wide path, and well illuminated. far ahead,I can see many circles of fires, and countless torch bearers stand at the perimeter of this massive area.
Elders of many nations are gathered. The chanting voices work in wondrous harmony...Pleading the cause of life and love , and Peace.
Also in attendance are representatives of the animal kingdom; of air,land,and sea. here, so it seems, the earth itself is present .The chanting decreases in volume. A single voice begins to sing . her voice is full of passion as she delivers her message ...A message of perception seen by all who are present. The drums speak softly to enhance and clarify that message. dancers also portray the scenes of which she sings .
The first scene is Mother Earth when she was pure and abundant in wealth of all life...Her waters clear, her air fresh and clean, her land fertile- an earth so pristine , so virginal.
The singers voice begins to present the subtle and desastrous changes. dark clouds gather to shut out the life giving sun. The first peoples to reside here come forth now to validate the great days of serenity and life-sustaining harmony shared by all species and all elements of their Mother Earth. One sees clearly their joy; then, their grief, as the signs of hatred, jealousy, and greed begin to gather.
The drums alter their beat . The singer trembles in voice, and in form, as the storm breaks overhead. the sounds of screaming winds, soul-shaking thunder, and blinding lightening comes from all directions .
Suddenly, there is total darkness. Soundless, seemingly endless darkness. No drums, no singer, no torches, no circles of fire, no presence of any kind. The silence is loud and excruciating.
Out of the depths and breath of this nothingness, comes a trembling, a soft, gentle trembling. A barely perceptible hum can be felt first , then heard.
Before us a single campfire appears. A young woman, ( seated close to the fire ), holds an infant in her arms. Close beside her sits a child of three years. These three are content and happy. Soon several other young mothers appear with their babies. These too, are at peace and happy. They talk softly, and share a bountiful meal.
Towards sunset, the men come from field, and forest, and the great waters- bringing provisions for all. The evening meal is ready, and shared by all. The children run and play. Their laughter appreciated by their parents.
The singers voice stops. The drums merely whisper as the Ancients speak, With one voice they say," The new campfire is the continence of the eternal light of Great Spirit. The infant in it's mothers arms is symbol of life which remains complete and eternal. The absence of Elders at this new campfire tells us that this new generation lives free of earthly degeneration.
" They represent the new Earth- Now cleansed, healed, and again fertile and pristene. She, Mother earth,Is still recognized and honored as their Mother, who loves and cares for her children.
"Gone are the drums of war, of violence, Of hatred and greed. No more will Mother Earth feel the life-blood of her children spilled out, to sear her very soul. Gone are the causes of grieving.
" This is what shall be. this is the new life, the new world that will emerge immediately after the last terrible voice of hatred, and destruction is silenced forever.
Again , the drums begin. the singer begins to chant. All present chant with her.the torch-bearers form a lighted way for the many tribes to walk. Slowly, the many circles of fire dim, then are gone .
Veils of mist gather as the chanting voices, and the drums, fade in silence.

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AkasaWolfSong said...

The Awakening is coming sooner than we can imagine...and you have done us favor by bringing in this vision Sister of Long Ago!