Sunday, May 23, 2010

Letters,"From A Dying Friend" 3

August 24,04
11:OO p.m.
My Beloved Sister,
Just ate a bowl of oatmeal and some toast so I could take,"The Pill."
Tried to sleep,but right side in back area just wont quit.
Went outside awhile ago with Nicki. the half-moon is so breath taking tonight. I thought,"not to be here on this earth to see the moon and stars, or feel the sun high above; not to have more time with you ??? No! Absolutely Not !!! Not for many years yet.
I'm not ready to trade this earth view for that on the other side. I want to walk with you through the seasons here! I want to be here, until Nicki and Mr M must leave us behind.
I talked to God earlier,expressing these some sentiments- in a "please God," fashion.
I love you so much more than I can ever tell you ...Jean


AkasaWolfSong said...

Thank Goodness I can't imagine this yet!

Thank You for posting moves me to tears...

I love you so much, so very much!

Blessings Sister Dancing...

DancingFire said...

Lord me too! She had just gone tru the death of her brother whom she had cared for for 40 odd years and was feeling that now it was time for her,to be able to do some of the things she had always wanted to do . I had noticed leading up to her illness that she had lost some weight and was looking a little frail but considered the fact that it took so much out of her losing Peter an all. One day when I was visiting she asked me to put some oil on her back as it was dry and was itching. I said sure . When I looked at her back she had a lump on it as big as a large gum ball. Of course she hadn't noticed it as it was in a spot that is impossible to touch.I said aloud,"Houston we have a problem." The journey had begun . It was hard as I had walked that same walk with a friend of 25 years about 3 years before this.I was blessed that I was able to leap out side myself at any given time when my pain was excruciating.With the connection we had...I could me present in my absence and at time absent in my presence.You have no doubt read my write on presence in absence,no?I will post that again someday as well. I love you Akasa, my devoted and wonderful friend...Now I am off for a bit of a nap. Grandfather calls.

Merry ME said...

How many of have prayed in a "please God" fashion. Begged, pleaded, whined, cried or silently said, "please". Yet it is only the Creator who knows the perfect time to answer all our pleadings. Oh to have the kind of faith that gives us peace in these times.

DancingFire said...

How true Merry.Of course I have not been there as yet in my own flesh but since a near death experience,I am quite sure death of our body id not the end of life but the beginning of a new and different one. I am sure I would cry to god so I might stay for those who love me and would not want to lose me no more than I would want to leave them ...Afraid of death ...No not really. I am so fortunate to have been there for Jean to walk in her beauty right up until she moved from this world into the next. Thank you Merry for your visit. I look forward to getting to know you better...Dancing