Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flowing and ebbing. Three minute whirlwinds dance-one to our left, another to our right, and the third ahead of us.
So delicate, so fragile in their appearance only. In truth they are forms of our people-come to surround us with the medicine of this love and protection; and, their inexhaustible strength.
Each bears ever-changing flashes of lightening-quick colors-dancing, spinning; rising to separate descending to rejoin in countless array of fleeting forms; then, again to a single, living form.
Which truly reminds me of this time and space and life on Earth..Brothers and Sisters, all of us…In the same myriad of colors, and forms…And I love them all…
The drums continue their slow, steady beat-all is merged into a single step, a single breath, a single heartbeat. Growing deeper, widening outwards, reverberating back upon us, until all is all, is all, is ever all.
Much love, much thanks to Great Spirit for the gift of this moment…Dancingfire Brenda

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AkasaWolfSong said...

In the gift of this one moment...you have said it all!

Blessings of the Gentle Winds Sister!