Friday, May 7, 2010

Grandfather Comes, …By Dancingfire

Grandfather looks far away… very much involved with whatever holds his attention. Ah, I understand….”Far Away,” is here-present, now! What is here is also there. One is part of the other. There is great peace and serenity in Grandfathers face.

Dreamtime is reality, held secure there; thus unaffected by illusion, which is the physical realm.

Words begin to rise, again, unspoken. I see a sunbathed meadow, filled with brightly colored wildflowers that dance with the soft breeze. Beyond, I see a river; and beyond the river, I see a giant waterfall. The cascading waters catch the rays of the sun. The misty plumes reveal / become forms that dance ghost-like. Here too, there is great peace and serenity. At the top of the waterfall eagle soars, dips, and circles no less peacefully. Eagle’s voice descends like a whisper, traveling far and wide.

I’m moving beyond the river, and as I do, I notice footprints along its banks. Of course, I am to follow the footprints. They are fresh and clear. As I move closer to the waterfall, I hear the drums, slow, rhythmic. The voice of the waterfall is deafening, yet the sound of the drums remains.

Standing here, at the edge of the massive; swirling waters, I feel a powerful wrenching within me. A sound like rushing wind comes quickly, and she appears. Black Panther…Her sleek form begins to change and standing before me is my female guide, Ancient beauty personified. Her eyes match the radiant smile she offers. She reaches to take my hand, and says quietly, “Come sister, we are to dance with those dancing amidst the cascading waters.” I now see the dancers. As we approach to join them, they move to encircle us. I see glorious images in the transparency of the dancers. I see layer upon layer of reality in which people celebrate the Divine Life in each other.

I see inexpressible love and joy, which is alive, palpable. I see people attending to those (here) who need help of one kind or another. Are we still dancing? I don’t know. It does not matter.

Suddenly, I hear a loud rumbling far away… My Guide speaks softly,” Be at peace, brief darkness approaches, but will quickly pass. You are here to witness (to refresh long ago memory) the unbroken connection between the seen and the unseen. You have served no less before, as you see these serving now.

This is not a time to fear or dread. It is a time to focus on the unseen, and the seen, to listen to the wind, and take what you carry with you to those who have no ears and no eyes and speak for those without a voice. Prepare my child and prepare those who need assistance. Many new doors will be opened to you. You cannot begin to grasp the depth and breathe of Creators love for you; it is far more than enormous.

My Guide is silent for a moment and then speaks again, softly in prayer as she holds my hand.”Oh Father /Creator bring her deeper within the light of your presence that she may rise and go forth as witness to the Divine Force, The Infinite Love, for which every soul longs and needs. Wrap her securely within the great dance and fill her with the music of the Spheres that bring balance and harmony to all living creatures; indeed, to all that lives and has being in you. Align her fragile pulse with the Infinite heartbeat.”Then she turns and looks deep into my eyes and says,”DancingFire, It is always the Creators desire that you walk strong in the strength of the light. Reach to those deepest places. Bring forth the greatest gift. Turn your gaze heavenward. Embrace the streaming light of Spirit. Inhale it. Claim it .Claim the gift giver; and, breathe forth the gift back to the heavens…realizing that as you offer this Gift, it moves outward to touch no less wherever the Giver guides it. We should discuss the Beloved Mother. I’ve heard her song. I’ve looked into her eyes long ago. I have seen here most recently smiling at me in your own eyes. I will come again, you will here me in the wind whispering your name.” As quick as my heart could beat one beat, she was gone, I turn just in time to see Panther disappear into a shadow, in her place is Grandfather with a peaceful smile and a look of knowing in his eyes. In silence he escorts me safely back…DancingFire

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AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh My Beautiful Long-Time Sister it is so good to read your words once again...I take them into me like life-blood. Always speaking to the Divine Heart, Divine Love and Oneness.
Mitakuye Oyasin Sister Love!