Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Infinite Life Fire"

How awesome it is to observe the multi-layers of time ,pass in review; to see the endless forms of living things evolve , expand, and re-create themselves ever new ,ever different - yet the same .Example : The human embryo , so minute, evolves to infancy, to toddler , to child , to teenager , to young/ middle aged adult, and to the aged state . Each decade of its life is like the beads of a prayer band...each bead reflects a story of experience, unique and never quite the same from one Decade to another.
The joy and sorrows , the inner death and resurrection, the tears of laughter, the smiles of happiness, the furrowed lines of confusion and / or fear , represent a finite journey destined to Infinite purpose - a purpose that continues to unfold, and expand itself , until ultimate perfection is achieved .
One Day , like the Butterfly emerging from it's cocoon, so that finite embryo shall emerge from this state of illusion , and feel the great glory of itself in the perfect light of reality. It will rise on it's wings of glory and ride the endless light waves , until it achieves it's awesome destination , which is to join the countless numbers of it's species in the formation of a most exquisite tree - a symbol of eternal life .
I see the tree...alive with colors too numerous to define, yet so wondrous to see. From somewhere, a voice speaks, "Embrace the tree. Feel its fragile beauty. Hear its delicate heartbeat. Listen to its song .It sings your life back to you. It is expression of who you are, have always been, and ever shall be - essence of the Infinite Life- Fire
“Look closely, very closely, to the composition of the Butterfly. Note that each layer of it's wings reflects it's previous existence; while it's body represents the infinite Life-Fire that weaves the fabric of it's wings, and makes eternal the vision of beauty and color and motion, and purpose , of it's existence .
“It is illusion to think that a butterfly lives but a day’s length. It moves, in reality, to to other dimensions of existence; and, if it chooses to do so, may reappear. Whenever you see a Butterfly - know that it comes with a gift for your eyes only....a fleeting reminder of, whom you are, and why; and that you will, indeed, pass this way again, until your earthly mission is completed.
Remember always, that the Designer, the sustainer for the Butterfly is Love -The Infinite Life –Fire…Dancingfire


AkasaWolfSong said...

"Each decade of its life is like the beads of a prayer band...each bead reflects a story of experience, unique and never quite the same from one Decade to another."

This popped out at me just now Sister you say...a fleeting reminder of who I am in any given moment in illusory time.

Perhaps why I have been communing with nature this past week and will continue on into this week so that I feel and hear and see the Infinite Life Fire freely and without thoughts that crumble us, emotions that tumble us, and just live in that stillness of 'be-ing without expectation from anything or anyone. Letting go of the Ego which demands our attention all day long...bah!

Your heartsong is my heartsong Wisdom Sister!
I love you!

DancingFire said...

Thank you Akasa for your insightful comment here. I know exactly what you mean as I am feeling these feelings myself at this time as we have spoken of via phone...Ahhh the feeling of just simply be be-ing. How long it has been since I have felt that.You are my blessed angel here on this earth and I love you !