Friday, May 14, 2010

"Raven and The Ring"

Raven watches nearby.. Waiting for the beloved one to see the vision spiraling ever- closer, matched only by the eternal Pulse that bridges finite with infinite.
New worlds, new realities rising, resonate with the unseen hands beating.. Unseen drums. From before all this , she appears, robed in ancestral garb... signature of her rightful heritage . The fires encircle the six white stones surrounding the beloved Flame -Bearer. Raven rests comfortably on her right shoulder.
Raven stands , spreads his wings as if to take flight, but remains in place . The Beloveds eyes flame brightly, with blue fire . She extends her palm. I see the multi - gem ring spinning slowly. She whispers, " Behold two new stones...One of silver , the other of gold.
Smiling at me ,she presses the ring against my forehead , saying , "Soon you shall see a wondrous thing. Your entire being shall celebrate the gift of her, who walks closer to you than you can know . I am the fire standing between the two of you .Give thanks to the Ancients, Who in their great wisdom,chose Raven to attend you ( both ), as yet ,ever-more wondrous paths await you ." Let the new dance begin !"
The distant drums become louder, more intense. raven spreads his blue-black wings, lifts away from her shoulder. He calls to her as he ascends, and is gone from sight . She nods her head , and is gone ...Slowly ,the drums soften and begin to fade . In the darkness, she whispers,"Rest easy little Sister. Enjoy the assigned path~~

Here with-in The Divine Heart, The Universal power and glory are brought to you - flowing freely in you, around you, through you with healing, nurturing, renewing love. All that IS unfolds, gathers, disperses, and expands endlessly in you , through you and for you . Massive as the very consciousness of our loving Creator. Gentle as a mere candle's flame ...reflection of Sacred Power in this subdued light of Spirit.
Here, where the tides of infinity wash over you with immeasurable grace and joy. Where you are wholly alive and totally free to run the shoreline, dance with the Ancients, and embrace the Unconditional One, Who first embraced you for always.
Here, Where Dreamtime is your tent, (as it is, my cave,) may you know the Life-Force in its fullest glory, and reality. Here, where you are the Beloved, now woven into The Beloved.
In the Scripture, It says we must die unto ourselves, until we no longer live but Christ/Great Spirit lives in us. Ah... The ultimate, “give-away.” Which means, if I understand correctly, we live in the earthly plane, yet it is Christ/Great Spirit who is the action thru us, once we, (the higher self) resides beyond the earthly plane. So, our inaction becomes Christ's/Great Spirits action, thru us. We step out, and he steps in .We focus on the beautiful vision, and it is Christ/Great Spirit whose Light is reflected thru our eyes. If we truly, " see', then we are blind to the earth plane, which allows others to see Christ/Great Spirit in us?


AkasaWolfSong said...

What a Vision...what a Holy Message! I am so grateful Tunkashila speaks through you My Sister of Love and very thankful! Your words always resonating deep within and moving me to stretch greater, invoke all these things and more...continue your work Sister. You are needed by the women and for the women.


DancinFire said...

Thank you ...It always does my heart good to hear your words.Yes this message is one of great depth and I am blessed and grateful to have had the vision.As love and thanks for you in my life.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I am always here for you Precious...always! I am hoping you are feeling better today! I've got your hand and your backside Sister of the Flannel Robe! :)