Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Premature Birth"

Premature Birth…By Dancingfire
The snow lays white and silent upon the land. I walk the path alone tonight in total darkness. The clouds cover the night stars and the moon is hidden also. The darkness is akin to that which lies in the deepest part of the cave, the womb.
A slight breeze moves the cold and frozen trees and they speak to me in their creaking voices. In the distance owl calls and I follow… Deeper into the void. Instinct leads me through the darkness at first…then I seem to be moving without feet and as the clouds move away the moon shows it self …it is then that I notice I am not leaving any footprints in the snow. I continue on…
I hear owl again after what seems to be an eternity and I look up to see him perched high above in a tall standing pine, My eyes follow the straight trunk of the pine down to the ground where I see two big holes in the Earth about the size of a Bear Den. The wind picks up and heavy snow begins to fall. I try to turn toward home but seem to be stuck in place and it becomes apparent to me that Owl does not want me to leave. I decide …If nothing lives in these dens I would be wise to crawl in and wait for the storm to pass. There are no animal tracks around them and as I begin to crawl in, I sniff the musty air in the den. No animal lives here. I crawl further in and I am just ready to try and get comfortable and wait for the storm to pass when I see a faint light coming from the deep recess’ of the hole , a small pinpoint of light.
I crawl further in and hear the wings of Owl as he leaves. I don’t feel afraid…I feel curious now. I know Owl would not have brought me here only to leave me in danger.
I crawl about 4 lengths of my body when I notice there is a slight incline…I slide in and utter amazement overwhelms me. I am standing in a huge Cavern bigger than a baseball stadium. It is warm and damp. I am able to see in this dark place, although at the time …I know not why. Beyond the cavern, the tunnel continues and I can still see the pinpoint of light in the distance. I stand in awe of the citadel in Nature and I feel protected. I feel led to descend further and to find the source of the light. But… I feel so warm and safe here in the womb of the Mother. I sleep.
After a time, I awake to find I am lying in the crawl space between this womb of the earth and the light. I crawl onward toward the light thinking,it seems like the light should be getting bigger, the closer I get.
I begin to hear a sound, a pulsing beat, and realize it is my own heart beat I hear, beating more rapidly as I near the light. Fresh, cold air hits my nostrils; I emerge to see a pristine scene with one lonely star hanging in the deep blue-black sky, and realize this was the source of light that I saw .I stand on wobbly legs. This is an earth I remember from long ago an ancient land when all was new .In the early life of the universe when the first two planets existed, this Earth and the star. I look down at myself and see that I am nude, the smell of the womb still on me, steam rising from my body. I stand on a precipice overlooking a mountainous region; almost completely barren with few trees beginning to grow in rocky ledge…This is a new Earth, a new star beginning, our Earth, Not yet completely formed. No animal moves…They are not here yet. Water runs from the top of the mountain and forms a pool at the bottom. I know inherently that it is not time for me to be born into this universe; this earth is so newly born itself that it is not yet able to sustain human or animal life. Out of the darkness of the womb I hear owl call…I must return. I crawl back into the tunnel that leads back to the womb of the Mother. Exhausted from my journey though this premature birth …I collapse and rest there in the entrance.
All of a sudden I begin to awaken; I hear my heart beating …Only to realize a moment later that it is Owls wings in flight that I hear. I find myself sitting outside the cave entrance by the pine where my journey began. I begin to move and with a chill…I realize that I am in my bed, warm in my flannel sheets. Thank you Father /Mother…Grandfather and Grandmother…For this vision …for this life…Amen…By Dancingfire © 2008


AkasaWolfSong said...

My Blue Star Sister...is it any wonder I saw that in you?

No need for words once again..you know my heart as I know yours, your vision my vision.

How appropriate for this time on Mother Earth...we all need a Dream like this one so we get the full ramification of what is being presented to us now!

I love you with all my soul...

DancingFire said...

I couldn't be more touched. This is in the core of my being and has been since the vision came to me merely because it is me;it is you;it is mother.Thank you my gem