Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vision Geared Toward Healing

I have a close friend whom i have known for many years . She got sick and has many problems including Bad Arthritis.I do what i can .But in trying , I have had many Dreams and visions regarding healing ,These Dreams and Visions have continued in account.
Going into Dream-time : Grandfather looks steadily toward me . There's no escaping his gaze,nor those dark eyes. Immediately, we enter the path. No word passes between us, yet he tells me we must hurry .Ahead of us the Grey Wolf appears and as we get closer, the Grey wolf begins to circle around us. Grandfather chants softly. I watch ( follow with my eyes), as the Grey wolf walks a slow, measured pace . On the third circle, the Grey wolf and Grandfather are gone from my view. There's a strange movement, a shifting of landscape .
No longer on the familiar path, I find myself looking upward to a mountain . The peak of the mountain is hidden in the clouds .I am drawn to climb the steep , wandering path .It is not daylight , nor is it darkness. I cannot describe what it is , or how i can see, but i do . The climb is not easy , but not difficult . I see no one , no sign of life, not even an animal or bird;yet, I am not alone .
Part way up. I stop to look around . Below the valley is no longer visible . I search for a horizon, but , there is none . again, I walk upward. I begin to tire , and stop to rest . I can almost see the summit now .I sit down and lean against a huge rock formation .Cant seem to keep my eyes open .I feel myself drifting .Again, there's a sense of shifting , yet i am leaning still , against the boulder .Suddenly ,I see a form approaching me slowly, noiselessly, then ,I hear the low purr of Panther. Stopping with-in arms reach of me , she lays down on her left side. She is beautiful.When panther comes to me in a dream it is sometimes , Great,Great Grandmother .Panthers golden eyes hold my attention. I feel the awesome power of their golden light filling my mind . Once again, the sense of shifting envelopes me .The Panther and i stand together at the summit .Her low purring seems to wrap around me .Beyond the summit , I see , endless mountain ranges ,Bathed in wisps of diffused pale pinks and even more pale yellows .
The silence is like none i have known before . A voice tells me to begin walking away from the summit .I turn to look at the Panther ,to find she is no longer with me .Again, the voice calls ," Walk , Come to me ." I step clear of the summit. I'm moving in a dreamlike manner above the endless mountain ranges . The voice speaks again , "See the cascading waters ahead ? Pass thru the waters , and enter the temple square." I pass thru the iridescent waters, and stand in the midst of the temple square .People walk past and smile ." Go to the western gate", the voice tells me .
As i approach the western gate, I see a symbol etched on either side of the entrance . It looks like a large cursive L with a loop at the top, Not a printed L , but a written L.
My breath seems to stop for an instant. When i pass thru the archway, another intense shifting occurs .Ahead of me , I see a massive fountain with tiers of iridescent, cascading waters. On either side , at the back ,and at the front of the fountain are pillars of soft light .
Three women appear , accompanied by panther .Two come to stand at either side of me . The third, with the panther, leads us into a huge domed room. I see several people busy at a long table, but cannot see what occupies them .
We continue on to another area of this room ;yet, it seems set apart .We approach a softly lighted alcove, where she sits waiting . She stands and signals me to approach her . She is the woman I saw on the ledge. She smiles; and speaks , " yes , I am she . You are here to receive greater understanding. You want to know what the symbol means.
" The upper part is knowledge . The lower part is the eye of vision, and interpretation .All three are inter dependent . All three are , have ever been, inscribed in your soul .Now , your re- awakening has begun , you will travel many forgotten dimensions; and , experience anew the vision and knowledge inherent in your ancient being .
" You will know what you must write down;and, what must be held unwritten, until the appointed time .
" Very soon, you will begin your healing mission. You may( certainly), Study the book you're waiting for; but ,Know that there is no book that can provide you with what you already posses.
" The one who walks by your side knows the gift you posses. Listen to her . She is our voice, when you need to know,and, to be reminded .
" The drums , like the music, are a means of calling you to us . We appear in many ways, many forms, but always , you recognize who it is that calls .
" You must now,Return to the earth side; but , First, I will ask you to place your left hand to my forehead ." I do as she asks . Again, there's a strange sensation in the center of my head. The intense heat flows outward into brilliant streams of liquid fire . The low humming begins. I'm drifting. The drums begin in unison with the low humming sound . I feel the familiar circular motion . the drums, and the humming fade. I am returned. there's no sound, nor do i see anything. A sudden rushing sound envelopes me , then nothing .

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AkasaWolfSong said...

L....Love...It is written in your heart.

Powerful My Sister of Light...very powerful and loaded with meaning.

Healing...I could feel the heat from it.

I can feel you my Sister of the Flannel Robe!