Thursday, June 10, 2010

"The Old Woman In The Woods"

The Path is quiet, so wonderfully still .As i make the first turn on the path , you join me . Together, we walk ,immersed in the stillness .We walk ( seemingly ) for a very long time words are spoken .Before us is a fork in the road-one bears left , into deeper woods ,the other bears right to a wide clearing .Without hesitation we bear right toward the open expanse .We approach the clearing , and enter a wondrous dimension .Ahead of us stands a very old, very rugged log-cabin. The door stands ajar , as though waiting for us to arrive .
Quietly, we enter . It's the hour of the evening meal . The table is set for three people . Hand-Made mats must serve as beds - positioned near a small open fire-place .

A voice speaks from behind . We turn to find an Old Woman of Native American Decent, wearing a ankle - length dress; her hair bound in a single long braid . " Sit ", she tells us, pointing to the table .We do her bidding . Before us are cups of hot broth and flat Bread . She serves us hot tea, which has an unfamiliar, yet appealing taste to me .( All this in total silence ) After the meal is ended , she speaks , " Come . " We leave the cabin and follow her to a wooded area, and to a small brook .She kneels . We do the same .
Two squirrels begin to chatter very loudly . She smiles saying , "The chatter of the squirrel sounds like the chatter of human voices; and usually about the same thing- Whats mine is mine ,whats yours ..I want . If you are silent inside you , you can hear a sad kind of emptiness . Unlike the squirrel, who KNOWS he wants all the acorns, the human voice needs / wants something , but is confused about what it is , exactly .They want the acorns, but , cut down the tree, because it is in their way .When they finally realize the acorns are no-more, immediately it is," someone else's fault ."
The woman stands telling us the visit is ended . She walks with us to the fork in the road . We thank her as she turns back toward the clearing ...Both of which are no longer visible to us .
When we come down the hill , we ( both ), stop...amazed to feel something pressed into the palm of each ones hand ...A round , smooth Acorn ...


Wendilea said...

Such a wise tale told within the setting of a beautiful post! Brightest blessings!

AkasaWolfSong said...

The placing of an acorn from one palm to another is the way of The Ancient was done in secret by The Old Healers so that they would know one another. To share the fact that they were Healers would sometimes lead to death amongst the tribal peoples so they developed that means to identify one another.

This is an awesome vision DancingFire and I told you once some years ago now that I had written a poem with the very same title...which again proves to me we come from the same beginning embryo. Though miles keep us apart from holding one another in Sisterly Love there is no mile that can keep that Love from existing. You are my Sister, Forever and a day!

Such beauty exists within your sharing!


DancingFire said...

Thank you so much Wendilea.I do appreciate you coming to set with me for a time.Have a wonderful evening.

DancingFire said...

The same..You ARE me and I AM you my dearest sister.
Yes she was a healer,I felt that thru the entire vision although it was never spoken.An awesome experience to say the very least! I love you dearly Akasa Wolfsong...