Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Mirrors

There is a sudden, unexpected activity occurring deep with-in me . I'm being drawn quickly to her presence .She stands before me. She raises her arms toward the heavens. Her eyes speak to me, "Come Little Sister." I move within arms reach; and instantly, we are moving thru clouds that disappear as we enter one after another .
We arrive at the entrance of a massive corridor. Arches of pastel colors that appear fluid in their movement illumine the way.
We stop at a doorway, and enter. Before me I see huge mirrors , in front of me , and at either side . She directs me to stand in front of the mirror facing me.
As I do , I see myself ...wearing a long blue-green , full length dress ; and , the headband. She tells me, "Step backwards and behold yourself in the mirrors to the left, and the right of you. Now, I see myself wearing the same attire, but different colors and shades of pastels.
Reading me, She answers the question, “each reflection is a previous incarnation. Note that the headband is clearly present in each of the many reflections. Know that you may ,Whenever you wish ,Come to this chamber and speak with anyone of these reflections .Understand also ,this chamber is with- in you , thus everything that you require is already with-in you , Little sister .She who walks with you knows already , this chamber .She has also stood before these mirrors many times .
" Now once again , look at the reflection and see the uniqueness of each .You have been rich and poor ,male and female , and of multiple races . You have been powerful and powerless. Each reflection shows a lesson, and a gift of perception by which you have been guided from one incarnation to the next .
“Sleep little Sister ". We'll be together again very soon.”I look into her eyes; and then, she is gone.


AkasaWolfSong said...

Ahhhh the headband! Oh Yes!

This gave me the shivers My Beloved.

It took my breath away!


DancingFire said...

You are so wonderful Akasa. Always a wonderful comment that makes my heart sing! Thank you beloved