Sunday, June 13, 2010

Healing Vision

Grandfather tells me it's time to walk the path into Dream Time. It is just before first light . There's a sense of stirring of creatures here in the otherwise silent woods. There's a misty veil that wanders along the path, and thru the open places among the trees .We move along, no word is spoken .Suddenly Grandfather stops, turns, and places his hands on my shoulders. He speaks wordlessly, and tells me to " sleep". Immediately, a circular motion wraps me completely. I'm carried far from here, and arrive at the Great Forest. I hear her singing- That low, maternal purr of panther.
I see her now,standing a few yards from me. She walks toward me, slowly. Each step , so silent, and so deliberate. I can see the muscles of her sleek form ripple. her eyes flash golden light that seems to inundate my very soul. She stops , turns enough so that i know i am to follow her. Her purr-like sound changes to a low hum. I can feel this hum beneath my feet, and all around me. The drums begin- a low, distant echo-like vibration that accompanies the hum.
Panther stops , turns, and changes form . The woman from before stands facing me .She speaks," Come with me . The others await our arrival ." She places her hands on either side of my head, near each temple .
The Drums, and hum accelerate in volume, and intensity. Several others join us at my friends bedside. Grandmother nods a silent greeting.We completely surround her sleeping form, and begin working. I am told to reach deep inside the interior of her stomach area. Others are doing likewise. No area of her inside is left unattended.
I can feel the muscles, tight and knotted. I move my hands, ( as it were ), in a massage like manner. Each knotted area begins to loosen and relax. I can see the life giving fluid begin to flow increasingly stronger.
Grandmother works on her ribs. Others work, her hips , her thighs, legs and feet.The woman attends to her neck, shoulders and back .
I am told to observe the changes occurring in all of these areas. Suddenly the dark knotted areas become lighter. The energy pulsing , ( moving in , around and thru every particle ),expands.The colors increase in healthy tones, until all the dark areas are gone .
Grandmother lifts her into her arms, as she would an infant .She chants softly, as she rocks back and forth .The others are gone. The Panther lays quietly near-by.
"Please assure her that great progress is already realized. She walks the correct path. she must balance modified exercise with rest and be at peace in nature , become one with Mother Earth as often as her body allows.She is a true warrior, and she will win this battle," Grandmother tells me .
Grandmother lifts her right hand to Skipingstones forehead, and presses the palm against the center. I see a trembling course thru Skipingstone. She then , places her on the bed. Standing back, she says to me ," We will work together very soon, for her sake. I will speak to her before our next gathering. It is time for you to sleep, DancingFire. I see that your perception is increasing very well. It will continue to do so .
" There is a new star rising. It is of great significance. It will address the question of war, or no war. It is for you and my beloved to remain focused on the path, and not on the turmoil around you . Know that all things are in the care of Great Spirit. Only Great Spirit has the power to bring all things to proper conclusion.
" Panther waits to take you back.Another word before you go . You can only heal in tandem with us. So many " Healers" believe falsely that they can heal on their own .
" Go in love and peace. We meet again very soon. "
Again, the panther's purring leads me back. I'm on the path, now alone.The drums sound faintly, and recede into utter silence.

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