Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Cave

There is no need to linger here any longer, so I take my leave . Not to ocean, or the great forest, but to the cave . She's there, waiting for me . her song is so soothing, so warm and assuring .
As I enter , she motions to me . I go and sit down facing her . between us a small fire crackles as flames wrap around tender twigs and small branches. The scent of pine and cedar permeate the air .
She continues her singing, and fixes her gaze upon me . I feel myself slipping away . The veils of unknowing gather around me and carry me into the deepening silence . Yet , her song seems to be borne along with me. I've assumed the fetal position . Slowly, the singing fades, and is gone . After a while, I hear voices whispering my name, telling me to stand up, and open my eyes .
I find myself standing at the edge of a pool of water .

The waters move in a circular fashion. I'm directed to enter the pool . The water is warm . It holds my and draws me ever-deeper with-in itself . The sense of loving peacefulness inundates me . Someone comes near, and tells me to follow. Further into the waters depths we move . Flashes of irredesant colors seem to illuminate the way .
Drums begin...Intense, commanding. Ahead, I see a gateway . As we approach , and enter , two people come to us , and place upon my forehead a band of cloth upon which is an emblem. the drums begin a rolling cadence that echoes repeatedly. I'm instructed to follow the two people. We move soundlessly along a wide corridor of diffused light .
We enter an arched doorway. The two people are no longer with me . Suddenly, everything changes. I'm no longer in the room. I'm at the beach. The surf is strident, as is the wind .
The night sky is ablaze with stars . The new moon rides silent and watchful. The drums return to their intense, commanding beat .
I'm wondering where i am , and why ? I seem to be so alone . I sense that i am waiting - The reason yet unknown to me .Without notice, the wind abates, the surf eases down to a mere whisper. The drums cease. The silence offers it's own pulse. Again, I hear her singing .
She sings of old moons passing, and new moons rising . She sings me to her presence . Seated on a ledge, she calls me to her . " My child , I am the Mother of all that lives . You are called here to receive new clarity of vision . As your eternal Mother , I bring you forth to new life .
" All things have accelerated this pace . Time is of the essence on the earth side . The emblem you wear on your forehead is my signature , which empowers you to do your work . You will prepare those whom are sent to you , in order that they may realize their own mission , and the urgency of that mission to commence .
" Many, you will meet Not IN PHYSICAL FORM. Only a very few on the earth side will understand your message. The others will move on unaware of you . Let them go their way . Their path will lead them to where they must be , in due course.
" Place the palm of your left hand to my forehead . "
I place my left hand to her forehead. Immediately, I see the drums. They have the form of the human heart. I can see the living pulse moving in familiar cadence . With each beat the sound transforms into waves of energy that ripples outward, one after another in endless fashion.
I see mountains and valleys tremble as this energy passes over and thru them . I see ocean waters ebb and flow in unison with the pulsing energy .I see sun risings, sun sets, planets also pulsing as this energy reverberates endlessly outward .
Without warning, the cry of Grey wolf shatters this vision. I now see his massive form on the ledge where she had sat.
Photobucket Three times he lifts his head up and calls. I try to speak , but am without voice .
He turns and looks toward me . Suddenly, a tremendous rushing sound envelopes me . Then , all is silent . I'm returned to the earth side. Again, I'm quite alone . I feel something in my closed left hand. I open my hand, and amazingly, see a starfish .

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AkasaWolfSong said...

It suprises me not at all that you would open your hand to find a 'star'-fish? LOL...oh my Sister, truly you are a Blue Star if I ever saw one and what a vision this is! The power pours from it. Wow and Wow again! I see the Love and Trust the All Mother has in you to return life to the Living are and have always been a Keeper of the Ways!
Loving you more today than ever!