Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thoughts on, The Drums

Standing within the Circle of Fire , the feet move in unison with the Drums ...each step has it's own purpose , it's own message . The body reflects the vision being received and translated .
The Drums are echos of the Divine heart, the Universal Pulse . The Drums awaken the Spirit to that voice ...The Ancients collective Dream , The Universal reality .
When the Drums begin , the human spirit awakens , rises to higher levels of consciousness; for never has the human spirit forgotten it's place within ( first ),The Universal Womb , and ( secondly ), The Finite Womb .
The human spirit answers the summons , ( the Drums ); and makes answer in Dance and Song , according to what the vision offers .
Such offerings are ever-changing ....one never the same as another . There is a profound change , which occurs , when spirit first hears the drums . It moves into it's aboriginal realm, and leaves behind the present physical limitations .
LIKE A CAGED BIRD , ( SET FREE , AT LAST ,) SPIRIT SOARS ...EMBRACING IT'S FREEDOM, AND EXPERIENCES TRANSFIGURATION AT MANY LEVELS ,and ways too numerous to mention . Each time spirit claims that freedom , it increases in it's power over the physical boundaries , until one day the drums sound out the ultimate message , " Spirit " , Come home .
It must be clearly understood that the ultimate call to , " Come Home , " can mean that Spirit has become larger than the vessel in which it resides here , and so ...lives mostly in it's aboriginal realm , yet maintains viable life here . In other words , what you call Death is not always the Prerequisite for such transfiguration.
The Drums ( always ) call spirit forth ...sometimes, to participate in am immediate universal concern ; sometimes to receive healing and renewal ; sometimes , it is called for instruction .
There are those times when Spirit may become too involved in the physical realm , and requires re -,alignment and , or , balance . It needs to be made aware that it must re-enforce it's connectedness and focus at the Universal level ... Thus , the Drums sound the call , and Spirit will ALWAYS respond accordingly.
Thus , YOU ( Spirit ) may acknowledge , and be viable witness to the Truth. Go in peace , until next we meet ..


AkasaWolfSong said...

One World, One Heart, One Vision, One Love...

One Steady and Pulsing Beating of the Drum Heart which unites us all!

Your vision is my vision Sister Love...always and forever!

Pilamaya for Your Beauty Way Heart. I love you so very much and will never tire of telling you that!

DancingFire said...

Forever united,you and me...Love you so much and believe me I will never tire of hearing it.May the heartbeat of mother earth beat forever strong !

Wendilea said...

I can almost hear the drums as I gaze at the photo of the glorious dancer. Such an inspirational message!