Monday, June 14, 2010

The Dream...The Reality...

The night is quiet. The music wraps around me-gentle,soothing...To calm and restore.
As I drift off...I see Grandfather in the distance. he looks heavenward. His countenance is serene,thoughtful. He sees into the endless depths of knowing,and feeling, of that which stands beyond this place. He walks far beyond this place of fear and greed, of confusion and destruction. Through his eyes, i also see and rejoice, to walk through sunlit fields, or drink from pure flowing waters, or press my face against the rough bark of a tree, or sleep on beds of pine needles and velvet moss.
With him , I walk the beach at sunset... the moist sand beneath my feet...the ocean breeze moving gently around me ...feel the ebb and the flow of the swirling surf around my ankles.
I came here seeking nothing. I only desire to be here ...Now. it is sufficient. It is so sweet. It is so safe . I feel the waters pulling me ever deeper into their rise and though to rock me to sleep . I feel their hypnotic motion flowing into me , through me , whispering over and over, " Come. Dream. "
I feel myself slipping further into their depths. The silence holds me , sings to me , carries me ever-deeper into the endless depths. Slowly, I begin to see, as if i am waking in a world I've never seen before.
I see people wearing ragged clothes, carrying small bundles of their belongings.

I see tears and weariness on their faces. I see buildings in ruin. I see the dead and dying. I see men with guns walking , watching, silent .
I see such devastation, wherever i look .The people do not speak . I speak to them , but they pass by un-hearing. Slowly i realize , they cannot see or hear me .
" What is this place? What has caused this terrible devastation?, I ask out loud .
" You stand upon Mothers Earth. The hideous bombs and other means of destruction have resulted in the final blow. There will be no more wars. The armies have killed each other.
" The bombs were so many, and in so many places, that the very Earth revolted- split apart in several places.

" These people you see, are all that remains of humanity. The men carrying the guns do not yet realize the guns are useless to them. All are still in shock.
" We will assist these people. We will guide them to a safe place, where they may be nourished and protected. When they're able, they will rebuild, and help replenish the Earth .
" They will not remember this terrible day. When they can ( again), see and hear, they will see green pastures, and Oceans full of food. They will work the fertile soil, and revere all living creatures.
" They will enjoy abundant life; a peaceful life in perfect harmony with all universes. They will walk with, speak with ,and celebrate with their Creator .
" No more will these people know fear, disease, hatred, war, starvation or oppression. They will know love and goodness of health , mind and body .
" They will need , no more priests or prophets- For they shall live in the presence of the Father/Mother, as well as countless life forms of other universes.
" This transformation , this awakening , will take time, during which they will be guided and nourished; and , are able to see who they truly are .
" Unlike those who came before them , they will live and grow in the reality of love and trust, and truth .
" Those innocents who are no longer in the flesh, are also preparing for their own part in the completion of the Divine Plan. Those who caused the wars are now facing their life review. They will eventually, be healed and given the opportunity to restore , and make whole everything they abused, or hurt, or destroyed. They must work through their own self-judgments. They must see, and understand completely what they did . They must learn true forgiveness of self, and others, before they may become viable stewards.
" All life forms in every universe is a " Steward ", a care taker, of all other life- forms . there are no exceptions, no exemptions. It is the universal law, which too many of the earth plane forgot, or ignored. ( Both instances apply ).
" Those of the Earth plane could , if they choose, alter the course they travel. Very few years remain before that terrible day arrives.All the hatred and greed, the suffering will be for nothing. It will only hasten their demise, for what belongs to no-one except the Creator .
Dancings pics
" The even sadder part of all this...They know deep with-in themselves that they are wrong, and are very close- dangerously close to that last day.
" Awaken with peace, and steady heart and mind ".


AkasaWolfSong said...

" Awaken with peace, and steady heart and mind ".

I have and will continue to hold this deeply within me Sister of Light...

Thank you once again for your glimpses of Truth...I AM...YOU ARE..We Are One!

Mitakuye Oyasin!

Grandmother Has Spoken!

DancingFire said...

Thank you Akasa,I can always count on you to make my day happier and you always keep my spirit soaring...I love you !

Merry ME said...

Pretty powerful words.
The pictures are quite incredible.
It's hard to imagine the new world order you speak of, yet it is the very essence of hope.

DancingFire said...

Thank you Merry.It is hard to imagine but hope is alive in me always.Thank you for coming. I am always happy to see you here.Beautiful Blessings to you Merry.