Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In Great Spirits Presence

It's a quiet moment, a moment that brings to mind the quiet of sunset at the beach. I see the ebb and flow of ocean waves that capture the slices of golds and pinks of the sky, and carry them across the endless expanse of the great waters only to fling them upon rock and sand.
Oh, Great Spirit, How wondrous is your presence, your power, and your endless ways of creating all that lives to ever greater heights.
Just walk the beach. Enjoy the refreshing salty mist rising from the foamy waters borne by the gentle winds. Feel the coolness of wet sand beneath your feet. See the fading light play itself out in the distant forest and hills until there is merely a small faint glow. Quickly, the evening sky emerges bearing endless array of diamond stars.
Oh yes, we've seen the same before, but never are two the same. Each bares its own particular color and design.
It is a place where the physical elements of all living are set aside, and the soul (the true essence of all that lives,) comes forth to join the great dance in celebration, to honor Great Spirit.
Peace to all my Sisters and Brothers. May each of you rest quietly, and awaken wholly new in love and joy, until the sun moves into Western skies to bring us once more into this glorious moment with Great Spirit... DancingFire Brenda


AkasaWolfSong said...

This just drew me into that beach and walking the shoreline with you Sister...such exquisite imagiges you bring to our minds through your descriptiveness. Always drawing the soul upward to greater heights, towards Great Spirit, that resting place like no other.

Wishing for you a day full of Sun/Son shine and inhaling Peace.

I love you so very much my Long Time Sister...shall love you eternally!

AkasaWolfSong said...

Well I meant to say images, lol...

I guess my lips aren't working yet this morning Sistah! eayah