Monday, June 7, 2010

Grey Wolf and The Beads

Grandfather calls . We must walk the path .At the bend, Grey Wolf waits . I can hear the drums in the distance . In silence the three of us walk ... Our steps match the drum beat . We emerge from the woods to a clearing leading to the cliffs . I hear the cadence of drum and crashing waves below .
Grandfather takes my hand , and places it on the open hand of Grey Wolf . He chants softly, and is gone .
Grey Wolf smiles down at me . His eyes are like deep pools reflecting the soft moon light . His voice is gentle and strong . He speaks : " Though you do not remember , we often meet here to give honor and thanks to our people - Past and Present . Long ago , when you walked free of foot coverings, you would dance in sunlight, and in rain .Pointing to the upper part of his left arm , he asked , " Do you remember this band ? " It was a band of Beads...Blue , green yellow and red sewn into a strip of deer-skin. He spoke , "During one of your early winters, you made this for me . When the ice melted and i was to leave for the hunt , you made this for me . When the ice melted and i was to leave for the hunt , you followed me to the rivers edge .
I lifted you into my arms. You placed this band around my arm , and with your mothers help , you tied it securely . I saw tears in your eyes , and felt your body tremble as you hugged me . I placed you in your mothers arms, and left. This band remains as you placed it so long ago .I asked you then what the colors , ( you had chosen ) meant . You quickly explained : Blue - father Sky ; Green -The Grasses ;Yellow -Brother Moon ; Red -Sister Sun
Then you said , " Mother Ocean gives us the colors. She is pleased when we use these gifts to honor her . " Your Mother taught you well . Her knowledge was from Mother Ocean . My knowledge was of the deep woods and it's great mysteries . You were content to walk the path with me ; and , no less, to walk the waters with your mother .
He smiled , " It is time to go . I will come for you again , Little One . He placed his hand on my shoulder . Instantly, I am at the bend of the path , and Grey Wolf walks me to the clearing . I want to pat his head , but his eyes say , " No ", and then he walks back into the woods .


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I truly love your blog.. I would like to bestow an award to you. Please go to my site for info.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Oh Dancing Sister...My long ago this speaks to me this evening.

Many times in my own dreamtime when I am with Black and White Wolf they will not let me touch them and how I long to do so. It has to be enough to be content with my just 'being' with them.

Your gift to them is utterly beautiful as their gift is it you my Wisdom Keeper.

Blessings of Peace and Joy to you!

DancingFire said...

Well thanks to you both for your warm and heartfelt comments.It means so much to me and to share with you.
Wish I had read it over first and corrected my spelling,lol.May Grey Wolf come to you both in the dream lodge.Much love and peace.

DancingFire said...

Thank you Mothers Moon for the award. I am surely humbled !