Friday, June 4, 2010

"Behind Closed Eyes"

Behind closed eyes, the sacred wisdom he bears..of long ago time , and ancient ways .
Forgotten by many, remembered by few of things so ancient as to be new .Behind closed eyes rest the knowing of what is etched upon his face. Silent in appearance, he brings the sacred fire to touch and ignite the soul of the one who dares receive .
Behind closed eyes, The Dream lives and moves;and,has life,which transcends human understanding.
Behind closed eyes, he remains wrapped in the eternal robes of the Ancients; who ,
( thru his silent presence) calls to the one who dares hear .
Behind closed eyes, his soul dances to the drums, and sings the words of his Fathers, that our people carry with-in the framework of their existence .
Close your eyes. Enter the sacred place , where he waits . He will open the eye of your soul . Together , you will travel to his world . You will feel the power . You will touch the depths of Sacred Fire and dance to the words of the Sacred Dream.

1 comment:

AkasaWolfSong said...

This writing takes me back to a dream I had a few years it the Elder Grandfather asked me to dance and during the dance I looked down and there my feet were...resting lightly atop his...such a metaphor for life!

I have been here my Sister Dancing as I know you are too...

He smiles down upon us Sister of Long Ago...always smiling That Old One!

You are Beauty...and I love you!