Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Grandfather,Eagle and Dreamtime"

I Drift off..and find my way to The Dreamer . I see Grandfather . He seems to say , " I'll walk with you ." There is no Moon, There is no stirring of any creature. From the distance I hear the rumble of Thunder , lightening flashes,and is gone . The further we walk , the nearer we seem to be to the pending storm .As we move toward the bend of the path ,the old one begins to chant softly. The Grey Wolf appears ahead of us ...waiting .Another flash of lightening turns deep night into day . Thunder rolls across the heavens, deep, vibrating, echoing far into the distance .
" Follow The Voice", The Old One whispers .I turn to look at him ,only to find i am alone .Again, the " Voice " breaks across the night sky rumbling on and on . Far ahead , I see someone ,as if waiting for me ...Their form seems to emanate a subdued aura of blue-white light . Lightening ,Sharp in it's brilliance illuminates the path, and i can see it is ' You " who waits for me . As i approach you , I find we are not in the wood ,but rather , at the high cliffs of the Ocean .Ahead of us ( Out there above the waters ), The lightening streaks , and dances upon the waves . The Thunder reverberates with endless , rolling fashion .
Dancings pics
You raise your arms heavenward, and a single flash of blue lightening splits the night sky .You look to me , commanding me to walk straight ahead . Below , the waves churn, and crash against the rocks . You move forward, reaching for my hand . you insist that i walk. I hesitate, but you speak , telling me that i must do this , " Now !"
You step to my left . I look at the waters fury below . Suddenly, I step forward. Your voice whispers and seems to carry me beyond the cliffs , and I'm moving toward the place where the lightening flashes just above the waters surface .When i reach that place , I find the waters are spiraling widening outward , and I'm drawn into the spiral . I feel myself, first descending, then all sense of motion stops .
Again you whisper . Now , the spiraling begins anew, but counter- clockwise , and I'm being drawn upward, until i am high above the waters . I am moving fast . Looking downward, I see all the seasons that have ever been . I see worlds rising , and falling .The see the birth and death and rebirth of countless forms of life .I hear laughter and grieving .I stand upon the ARC of the lightening, and my voice is the thunder moving upon the winds of the heavens .I stand in awe , as the heavens seem to form an archway , thru which i pass .
Now , I see the people .They're dancing to the beat of drums .As i approach them , they smile a welcome . A young child comes to me , and gives me ...A headband of purple cloth , into which is woven an Eagles Feather .
The young child tells me to approach the elders and give the headband to them . The drums , now muffled ,seem to match my steps as i come face to face with the Old One and place the headband into his outstretched hand .
You whisper, " Close Your Eyes , Little Sister . " I do .I feel the headband as it is placed above my eyes . When i open my eyes , you stand before me , smiling your approval .
The drums are louder now , But we're again at the high cliffs . Below , the waters are calm . You touch the center of the headband , telling me , " This headband is yours from before forever . You will reclaim the power of great vision . You will travel with the Eagle . You will dance upon the Sacred Path many times .You will receive all that must be given away .You will walk upon the shore of places known and unknown .Though you were as " dead ", yet you are alive ...alive , as you have ever been , and shall always be .
as i look back into your eyes, I feel the spiraling lifting me away from you . The drums again echo . From somewhere , your voice reaches me , " Sleep , Little sister . Soon , you will again soar with the Eagles...Sleep .


AkasaWolfSong said...

It has been a loooong time since I have read this writing my Dear Sister. It speaks to me on so many levels. Your words are my words love and always shall be.

You are with me in my sleeping and my waking...

You are loved and more today than yesterday!

DancingFire said...

Thank you Akasa,this is one of my favs.I love to write and include the reader in the experience. I love you too...forever and always !